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Design Your Own Paper Crafts

Design Your Own Paper Crafts

Posted by Olivia Sum on

  1. Design your own paper crafts (create a white paper)


Paper crafts are so varied, and of course origami is one of the most popular, but that just one of the options open to you when you create a white paper to work with. Creating flowers, dolls and yes of course airplanes are some of the simplest options. Don’t forget once you have mastered those you can push yourself into making some more expansive and breathtaking creations.


While you might think of origami has a solo hobby, it does not have to me. Firstly if you choose to teach your children this beautiful art can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will spend with them. You can indent the paper with the lines where they need to make the folds; this will help them learn in no time at all.

Any young child will enjoy making a paper spider, doll, and of course the more simplistic paper boat. Once you and then your child has mastered these simpler designs, you will feel you are able to take on much larger projects.


A few more advanced options that will really get your children excited include animal puppets and paper kites. Although every big kid also loves to fly a kite, as much fun as it is to watch your kite flapping and twisting in the wind. When you have created the whole kite yourself from your own design the enjoyment is multiplied ten fold. Animal puppets are relatively simple compared to the other designs we have mentioned but no less enjoyable.

Your children can have one for each finger, and it will be like a day at the zoo with the shows they can put on. Remember the creativity in a child’s mind is unlike anything we can think of when we are adults and we have the weight of the world on our shoulders. By helping your child to design their own puppets or kite you can live vicariously through them and forget about work for a while


Of course some paper crafts are not to be made with children in mind. They can make wonderfully personalized gifts. The steps to making them are relatively simple; you create a white paper, then work out your design and follow your steps.

Just imagine the reaction from your beloved when you give them a handmade six-sided paper box filled with delicious love hearts on Valentines Day.  Of course the paper box has more options, a present for your teacher, fill them with candy and leave them on each persons chair at your wedding or other function.


Night-lights and lanterns are two of the more ambitious options you could choose after you create a white paper. With Chinese lanterns and luminary’s being two more options on the expert side of designing your own paper crafts; they all follow similar designs and effects. For a luminary it can be as simple as placing a candle inside a small cutely designed paper bag; night-lights and lanterns follow similar designs. 

Chinese lanterns are a little more complicated as they need to be able to fly, but once you have the supplies to make the frame, and spray to fire proof your well-designed paper it should really not be a problem. Follow a step-by-step guide, and you will be surprised at what you can make.


The ideas behind designing your own paper crafts are generally speaking unisex ones, but there are a few more that you can work with which have a more feminine quality. Paper flower fasteners will brighten up any notebook or pile of papers that you are working on, and give you a smile before you dive into your work.

On your desk at work I am sure you have a photo on your family, but why not put the time in and using the white paper you have created to make a handmade photo frame. Finally what about a paper fan? The summers are getting hotter, and what better beach accessory than a self-designed paper fan. You will be the envy of all your friends, and attract plenty of attention.


Don't just make paper airplanes, there are so many crazy and wonderful things you can do with a simple piece of paper. It just needs a little bit of time and effort, and you will have a selection of handcrafted paper ornaments, and decorations around your home. You will be everyone’s best friend as you give the most distinctive and unique gifts, and all your friends will be jealous of you hand made personalized style.

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