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Sandpaper As A Tool In Scrapbooking

Sandpaper As A Tool In Scrapbooking

Posted by Olivia Sum on

You want some texture on your scrapbook layout? Sandpaper is the way to go! You can use sandpaper to change the texture of the materials, adding it directly to the layout or more.

On this blog post you can see some techniques you maybe did not know yet!

1 – Vintage appearance

For the layout, use brown, grey or dark green cardstock. Frame your photos with embossed paper and lightly sand the embossed paper with sandpaper. With this you can get a vintage look.

2 – Stamp on sandpaper

You want to use something different than paper to stamp on? Stamp on sandpaper! For that use a fine grit sandpaper and make it a little bigger than the stamp and then just stamp on it!

Glue your sandpaper to the cardstock and then paint on the edges with a dark marker. For the stamped image, permanent markers can be used to color in.

3 – Create a denim look

A good layout for a teenager is to use a denim background. First of all, get a two toned blue cardstock. Rub the sandpaper on the darker blue side of the cardstock in a circular motion until it looks like denim, after you can add photos, embellishments and text.

4 – Aged lettering

With an emery board you can age letters if you use color die cut letters. Use the emery board at a slant and rub along the corners of the letters until the corners turn white. Aged letters look really good for layouts that include childhood, family reunions and more.

5 – Weathered look for journaling

For the background of your journaling section, cut some cardstock into a rectangular shape. Then use some sandpaper to add texture to it. Don't just rub it with one motion, use different ones to make a good and interesting weathered look.

6 – Reduce shininess

To make a really good vintage look, shiny, glittery stickers can be a great distraction and they look too 'modern' for this look. That's why you should rub the stickers with a sandpaper lightly to give the perfect look!

7 – Distress your photos

You don't have to create a border for your photo with some paper. Just use some sandpaper to sand off the edges a little, that will be an interesting look.

8 – Create layers with floral paper

Get a floral design paper you really like and sand off some of the flowers and corners of it. That will add a great depth to your paper that you would not else have.

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