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Baby Scrapbooking Ideas

Baby Scrapbooking Ideas

Posted by Olivia Sum on

In this blog post you can find some baby scrapbook ideas to use in your album and to spice it a little up. It will add some interesting highlights to your book.
It is hard too keep track of every milestone they achieve so the best is to collect them in photographs and bundle them up in an album to remember it later on and smile about it!

1. Baby's Day

When you have a baby, at first there will be countless diaper changes, feedings, sleeping, throw ups and so on but that lasts only for a few months and before you know it, this time is over. So dedicated a page of your babies general daily routine. Later on, when your baby becomes a toddler you can look back at the routine before and spot the huge differences.

2. Unique Baby

Your baby is unique and has it's own quick or slow achievements. When it is born, does it have hair or is bold as a shiny cooking pot? Does it turn quicker and can sit up? What soothes your baby the best?

These hints and preferences of your baby are unique and you will miss some of them for sure, maybe not the throw up part but the rest for sure! Keep it in a scrapbook and you can show her or him later that he is unique in her or his own way.

3. Baby with Family Members

When you have given birth to your baby, it affects your surroundings, family and friends. The best is to write down the relationships and moments that they have experienced with your baby.

These memories will remind him how much he was loved, cuddled, kissed from the very start of his little life. If you have also other children, take lots and lots of pictures where your baby is with them. That will remind him later that he was loved also by them.

4. Clothes and Gadges

I bet your family and friends have bought many cute outfits for your little one, maybe some shoes, hairbands, or hair clips? A great idea is to take a picture of your babies cabinet with clean neatly folded baby clothes. Maybe your favorite bed set also.

If your baby has many soft toys that was given to him by you or others, surround your baby with them and take a picture (or more) of this cute and special moment where later on he or she will appreciate the love and caring from the others.

5) What an Expression!

Your baby will start to make different expressions or mimic you. You can capture those expressions and put them into your scrapbook album for keepsake. I bet it will be hilarious with the cute and weird faces your little one makes!

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