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Designing Your Own Scrapbook Paper

Designing Your Own Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Digital scrapbooking is very popular these days. The key question to remember when you are creating your scrapbook is do you want to keep it on your hard drive or on the cloud forever? You probably don’t, because hard drives can wear out, and stop working. Computers do not last forever, and is it really safe to keep the scrapbook you have spent hours designing on the cloud?

Maybe it is, but is that a chance you really want to take. The in thing to do these days is to print digital scrapbook paper, and turn your digital scrapbook into a physical book, which you can keep for a lifetime.


In this modern age, it is all about face. You are posting your pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and you are using Periscope to let everyone see everything that happens to you. Digital scrapbooking scrapbook is just another part of the same scene, yes you can show off your well-designed scrapbook online and it is easy.

That is part of the fun of designing your own scrapbook paper; you want to stand out from the crowd. Young people are getting bored of Facebook, because there are not enough options to personalize your page, they all kind of look the same.

The same cannot be said about you when you are designing your own scrapbook paper. That makes you unique, and special. Keeping your designs online is fine, and it should not be sniffed at, but if you choose to print your book, and have a hard copy then you are taking things to the next level.


Your digital scrapbook should be thought of as a keepsake. Many people choose to have a different one for each year, but that is just one way to categorize your life. Do whatever suits your own style and works best for you. Some people view their digital scrapbook as being in the same vein as the high school yearbook. It captures a moment in your life. That moment can then be shown to your children, and grandchildren, and the safest way to be able to do that is to print your digital scrapbook. Who knows what stage computers will be at in their evolution in ten years time, let alone in fifty years time, so by printing your book and keeping it safe. You can save those memories forever.


When you are designing your own scrapbook paper they key thing to remember is you and your photos. What exactly do we mean by that? Of course your photos are the central image around which your paper is designed, but there is plenty of scope to play with your designs. You can keep it relatively simple and use a checked background. Perhaps try using three or four colors design based around a few shapes.

Once you have mastered these simpler designs, try repeating the same image again and again, the image could be one suited to the photos you are displaying. Flowers for that walk in the park you enjoyed so much, or pumpkins perhaps for the Halloween party that you threw. These are all relatively easy to create, and they will bring your scrapbook to life much more so than if you had just gone with a plain background.


Once you have mastered these simpler designs, then you can move onto designing more individualized images for each different page. These images can go next to your photos and provide an addition to the memory you captured with your camera.  Once you have designed your image, and perhaps even added some text.

Of course you want the date, and perhaps a title for each individual page, you do not want to forget that important information. On some occasions you might also want a few more words that help capture the feelings and the energy of the experience. This is a hobby that requires plenty of time, but it is not as daunting as you might imagine it to be. Once you have got your designs exactly how you want them to be, then is the time to print your digital scrapbook, and have the book bound in order to keep it forever.


Overall remember do not keep your scrapbook hidden away on your computer, you spent so many hours scrapbook the photos designing the backgrounds, and editing them to perfection. Print you scrapbook paper, and show off the work you have achieved. They make wonderful coffee table books and mementos that you can treasure for the rest of your life.


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