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Create Sensational Wooden Designs

Create Sensational Wooden Designs

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Your scrapbook is finished, it looks great, and what you need to do now is to print the book, out and get it bound. To give it that great look when it is finished you want to get a wooden cover put on the book.

But wait! Wood is so heavy these days, and it is important to remember the transient lifestyle most people have these days. Jobs change, and we move around a lot more than we used to. Moving from city to city, and often living in walk up apartments. There is a solution though, now you can create sensational wooden designs.

Scrapbook paper wood is becoming more and more popular, but not everyone knows about it yet, so why not get in on the act before everyone is doing it. There are so many different wooden designs that you can have when you are working with actual wood, and happily they all translate into the world of digital designs too.

You an add those unique knots and stunning colors that you see in many different pieces of wood at will when you care creating your own sensational wooden designs. When you are in the Christmas mood, you can of course create some beautiful pine tree style designs. They will be so convincing that you will almost be able to smell the pinecones.


Brazilian cherry wood is another fine choice to build your design around, as it has such a deep and rich color that it will offset many different pictures wonderfully. Reclaimed lumber is a very popular element in home decoration these days, and with the power of digital paper it does not take much effort to put a similar look into your paper.

Oak is always a fine choice; it has the associations of being noble, strong and everlasting. For many it brings back memories of childhood playing and climbing around the same trees. It many ways it is a great choice for your scrapbook, as you may well be capturing your childhood memories or those of your own children in your scrapbook. Another major choice for oak is as the background for those wine nights, as most corks are made from oak bark. It is always a nice idea when you can relate your wooden design to the images that you are giving a background too.


Teak is a further choice; compared to a lot of other woods it has so much more character. The tones green, yellow and brown really stand out when you see them being used for furniture both indoors and outdoors, so why not give teak a try, as the background to start working on your design. Walnut and Purple Heart wood are two more, which t will give depth to your wooden designs. When you are working with scrapbook paper wood, using the more unusual woods as the basis for your design can really give more profoundness to your designs.

Of course wooden designs, and scrapbook paper wood give your work a great look. There are a few other choices besides using a wonderful traditional wood design as the basis for your scrapbook. The designs are also great for bookmarks, and why not use some of that scrapbook paper for something else besides your scrapbook. Children love to be creative, so why not get them to make something wonderful using paper mache, and then cover it with your wooden paper. Some of the creations available to you of course include trees.

Your children will love a tree that they can use with their toys. Another choice is making letters, not too big, but not too small. They can then be covered in your wooden paper to give them an air of authority, and then added to a wall display. It will really give life to any lifeless display. Plus as you are using paper mache letters, it is not too much trouble to make new ones, and spell out new words. Your wooden designs will soon be popping up all over your home.

Overall remember when you are working with wooden designs that you are taking your scrapbook from the bland and standard look to a scrapbook that will be appreciated as a piece of art. Scrapbook paper wood can give your work the look and feel of something a lot weightier than it actually is. It will be lighter to carry, have the feel of something much heavier than it actually is. Once you have made one wooden design you will not be able to stop yourself.

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