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Create Stunning Paper Gifts in White (How to Create White Paper)

Create Stunning Paper Gifts in White (How to Create White Paper)

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Paper gifts are of course and essential part of any young married persons life. The first wedding anniversary present is paper, and white is a symbol of purity. Putting these two aspects together and it seems to only make sense that you create some stunning paper gifts in white. The idea of using white paper to create a gift throws up a myriad of options from a simple dust jacket to a vase of stunning white paper lilies.


How to create white paper exactly? Well it is as simple as you might imagine, but you should be doing a lot more than just handing some a blank sheet of A4 paper. There are a myriad of options available to you. From creating a simple embossed logo to give you gifts that professional look. To watermarks that can reveal a professional logo or a hidden gag that you are giving to a friend.


With paper being the traditional gift after the first year of marriage, it is an important present to get right, and one which tells you spouse how much you still love them. White can be used to symbolize the purity of your love, so create a white paper gift for your spouse, and they will be so very grateful.

What outstanding gifts could you create, one of the easiest options available to you is a simple notebook, but don’t just buy one in the stationery store, and hand it to your spouse. By creating a breathtaking personalized dust jacket, and writing a sweet letter on the first page title “why I love you”, that is a truly stunning gift.

Of course you know how to create a white paper dust jacket, as it is simple enough.  You however need to do more than just have a plain white dust jacket. You need to personalize it, emboss it, and put you love into it.


Another good choice for that crucial first wedding anniversary present, take the personalized white paper you have created, and cut it into strips. Then you can write a personalized message on each one, and put them into a jar. Remember you are showing the purity of your love for your spouse by using pure white paper, and if you have created it yourself it just adds that extra layer of love to your gift.


It is of course not just the first wedding anniversary when it is appropriate to gift a beautifully and stunning paper gift. When you make a gift from paper for any occasion, you are putting more effort and therefore showing how much you treasure, love or respect the recipient. Of course the dust jacket does not have to cover a book professing your love for someone. It could just be your own take on the cover of a classic book your friend adores. Embossed designs and hidden messages are some of the options available to you.


Watermarks are a further choice to really bring the white paper you have created to life. Imagine giving someone a certificate, and having a watermark or an embossed image buried within the certificate. It is not something they will notice straight away, but when they do it will be a delight for their eyes.

Of course in the modern age it is surprising easy to watermark your paper. It can be down using most Office programs, along with the ever-reliable Photoshop. Have a play with whichever one of these programs you have on your computer, and you will be surprised at how quickly you are adding fun little watermarks to your paper. Just remember that they show up best on white paper, they are far harder to see when color is involved in the process.


Remember when you are giving a gift, such as jewelry like a bracelet or necklace made of rolled paper beads, which you have made from your beautiful white paper get the children involved. Nothing beats a gift made from crisp, stunning white paper and the heart of a child.  If you have time try some papier-mâché and make a bowl or a vase. Then you can make origami flowers to fill the bowl, and it will make a great centerpiece for any families dining room table.


The gifts can be so varied, from a vase filled with beautiful flowers, to bows to wrap presents. Just remember whether you are creating a jar of personalized message, or a personalized hard cover notebook, if you know how to create white paper then there are so many more great gifts options available to you.


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