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Create Your Own Scholar Paper For Customized Sizes

Create Your Own Scholar Paper For Customized Sizes

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Scholar papers can be very useful for every business or organization. They are becoming more and more important as a means of marketing and promoting your idea, concept or policy. If you are going to create a white paper though, then you should certainly give thought to every part of the paper and in particular the size and design you are going to use.

Yes keeping the language simple and easy to read is the essential part. Nobody however wants to read a white paper that looks exactly the same as all the others. You need to stand out from the crowd, and make your scholar paper unique. By doing that you will be able to have people choose to read yours before they read the other standard sized white papers.


There are no rules that say your scholar paper has to be the same size as everyone else either; you might want to make it small, and easy for people to take away. Alternatively you might want to make it nice and big, so it attracts people’s attention. Whichever size you go for remember that they are seen as something, which gives credibility and trust to whatever product or idea you are promoting.

Consumers see them as a sign of quality content, and their first impression is not going to be from the words you have written. It is going to be from the paper itself, what size it is, and what style it is. Get these two things correct, and your scholar paper will be the most popular one. To say the marketplace in nearly every industry is cut throat would be something of an understatement, so any edge you can give yourself is a positive.

In terms of marketing whether online or in the real world, if you create a white paper, it will be one of the most effective tools in your box of tricks. Remember you are trying to make the users curious about your idea or product, and then sell them on what you have to offer.

If your have designed your paper, so that it is small enough to fit in someones back pocket, then there is a much higher chance of them taking it home to read later. The key to any piece of work is in getting your message across to the consumer, having a white paper that is that little bit different gives you an extra chance to do just that.


Generally speaking there are four things that make a scholar paper more appealing to the average reader. They want to see graphics, charts, diagrams and tables. These are always the easiest way to present your information, and the best way to get your points across.

You probably don’t want a table that fills a whole side of A4 though, as that is just going to either present too much information or have too much white space. By having your own custom designed paper is essential in being about to present your images effectively and concisely. Designing on digital paper allows you to give your graphics a edge, and changing the size of the paper doubles that edge, so there is really no reason not to go for it.

Make use of your white space by presenting your relevant logos, and graphics to the reader. Subliminally put them into their minds, and they will keep your ideas and remember who you are what you do for much longer.  Another key part of the paper is of course the subheadings, everyone reads them first, and then decide if they want to keep reading that section that is human nature.

Your job as the creator of a customized scholar paper is to keep them interested, so put some thought into the size and design, should you have more than one sub heading on one page. . Of course the words are key but if you have some daring shapes and sizes it is more likely to stay in their hands than go back on the shelf.


All in all, when you create white paper that has a customized size you are doing something different, and it is a concept that works in many situations. To market your products or sell your ideas, you should design the scholar paper to fit your needs, and not just go along the same road as everyone else with a paper that looks like an A4 or an A5 book is going to give you the edge in this high competitive world.





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