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5 Unique Ideas For Your Own Scrapbook Paper Collection

5 Unique Ideas For Your Own Scrapbook Paper Collection

Posted by Olivia Sum on

You have your scrapbook paper, and there is so much more you can do with it. Of course you want to fill the pages of you actual scrapbook, but if you design your own scrapbook paper you can put it to more use around you home. Give some of these five suggestions a try, and see your rooms come to life with character and colour.


  • Wall displays, and anything else that is attached to the wall is perfect for scrapbook paper. You can easily cover those with your perfectly designed paper, and really give some life to what is otherwise a boring part of your apartment. Most people have a toothbrush holder in the bathroom for example, and it is usually just one boring old color. What reason is there not to design your own scrapbook paper and give your bathroom some persona?Wall displays are not just for toothbrush holders of course. It is common these days to have perhaps a memory wall of photos in your living room, well bring them to life with some exciting borders made of your own scrapbook paper. 3D photos are very popular, but they can look so bare and lonely sometimes, with the right paper filling in the background they will really pop out at you.


  • Placemats, and coasters are on most tables, and they generally do not have much life to them. Why not have a certain ambience to your dining experience, and something to discuss when there is a lull in conversation. You can even have different ones for different occasions, and one top tip, if you have a young baby, put some new words and images on the placemats. Turn the dining table into a classroom, and switch out for some new scrapbook paper when they have mastered each placemat. A dining room table should be a place for conversation, and not one where people just eat quietly and stare at the television, which is on in the corner. The art of conversation is dying, because we do not have enough conversation starters anymore. Some well-designed placemats will kick off the conversation in no time at all.


  • A flick book would certainly be one of the more unusual choices for when you design your own scrapbook paper, but it could well be worth putting the time in. You remember flick books from high school, a small image in the corner of a book, which as you flick threw the corner changes, and the most intricate ones even manage to tell a short. Many people have printed out their digital scrapbooks, and had them beautifully bound, but how many of them have put the time in to adding a small image in the corner, and creating a flick book? Not many for sure. Sure it will be a lot of work, but it will also score you a lot credit and respect from the people who see it. Creating a piece of art like a flick book is not something to be taken lightly.


  • Dust jackets are another great thing you can do with your scrapbook paper. We have those well-thumbed books that we can curl up in bed with and read again and again like seeing an old friend. Protect those books with a beautiful custom designed cover. Generally novels do not have the most interesting covers, just some random image that has little to do with the story inside. Give your favorite novels the covers they deserve with your custom designed dust jackets. At the very least it will give your book shelf some character!


  • Our final suggestion is to put that scrapbook paper of yours to good use is to make your own mouse pad. Your bought a new computer, and they generously threw in a free mouse pad branded with the store logo. Well why not make your own it is so easy. All you need is a piece of corrugated cardboard, some adhesive and your well-designed scrapbook paper. Put them all together and hey presto, now you have your own mouse pad. The best part is, as you wear the pad out when you are designing more fabulous scrapbook paper, you can simply make a new one. Now your computer is not just plain black or white, your personal stamp is now on the machine.

So there you have it, five sure fire ways to put your scrapbook paper collection to good use. Give just one of them a try, and you will surely be happy with the result.



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