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Zebra Printable Paper

Zebra Printable Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Zebra printable paper comes in useful for a number of projects you want to carry out, craft ideas you want to try to improve your home and party arrangements to organise. There are lots of things you can do with zebra printable paper. It's really nice to let your ideas for home improvements come out and be recognised.

How satisfying to have your own home filled with designs and decorations that you have personally made. When visitors comment on how lovely the designs you have chosen look, the satisfaction you will feel knowing that it was you and you alone that created the beautiful things that surround you will be lovely. We had an idea using zebra printable paper for items that can be improved around your home. You can find zebra printable paper at


Zebra Printable Paper Filing boxes

Everybody usually has at least one filing box in their home, for other people there will be lots and lots of filing boxes. Where else are we going to file our personal and important stuff? Paperwork that you always think you are going to get around to reading, but never do. That is the scenario we all face. Filing boxes are all well and good in their own right, and they do a worthwhile job. But what if you’re filing boxes took on a life of their own. What if you’re filing boxes could be transformed in a way that would be pleasing to the eye, a design that you have chosen.

Creating Zebra Printable Paper Filing Boxes

So now let's think outside the box, the filing box to be exact. Why not cover them in zebra printable paper! A fantastic idea that is easy to execute. Use as many zebra printable paper sheets as you require, and get covering. Turn the black filing boxes that you always walk past without a second glance, into filing boxes that are covered in a design that you are totally at peace with.

There are things that we never get sorted and there are things we look forward to getting done. Why not combine the two, get your filing boxes sorted, read the letters and junk mail to see what hidden horrors are lurking there. They may or may not be important, and then go ahead and have a big shredding day. Get your halo on and pat yourself on the back. You've done it! What to do with the shredded up paper is your choice, bin it, very tempting, or we could get incredibly honorable and find another way to use  the shredded up paper, but let's not get carried away, enough is enough for one day.

Once that's done, you’ll be ready to get the nicer aspect done, which is to cover your filing boxes with the zebra printable paper. Go on you know you want to! Just cut the sheets to the size that you want, and use sticky tape to secure them to your filing boxes. That's it! You're done. The filing boxes have been transformed and your house looks that bit more of a home, your home.

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