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Using Tiger Paper

Using Tiger Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Using tiger paper in your hobby and craftwork pastimes is a lovely way to add a different aspect to your creations. There are many artistic creations you can make and you are sure to enjoy them all. It can be very therapeutic to create a piece of art. When that piece of art is also a useful addition to your home lifestyle it is doubly satisfying.

Take the time to really enjoy the experience of sourcing the craft items, eating the yoghurt from the yoghurt pot then cleaning the yoghurt pot to use as a compartment for your organizer box is a great way to recycle items that would normally be thrown away. It is also a very eco-friendly way to help the environment cope with less waste.

Tiger paper is an especially significant design of paper, due to the category of endangered species of this most magnificent of animals. Who doesn't admire the tiger with its beautiful coat and piercing eyes? Eyes that look like they know what you’re thinking when the stare catches you full on. If you are thinking what you can create using tiger paper then read on for some helpful tips. You can find tiger paper at website.


Tiger Paper organiser

To make a tiger paper organiser you will need the following items:

  1. Empty box or container (size is optional to suit your needs)
  2. Compartments (yoghurt pots, toilet rolls, cardboard packaging, tin cans)
  3. Sheets of tiger paper
  4. Sticky tape
  5. Scissors

Tiger Paper Organiser Instructions

Tiger paper box size

You will need a medium sized box or container. The size of your container may vary depending on the number of letters and paperwork you want it to hold. If you have lots of letters and paperwork that you want your organiser to hold, you might like to make two organisers, one for letters pending and one for letters to be stored.

Think about what the organiser will help sort for you. Leaflets that come through the post that you don't necessarily need, but are reluctant to throw out, leaflets that you may like to refer to at a later date. They could all be stored neatly in your homemade tiger paper organiser.

Tiger Paper Compartments

Gather together a number of small empty containers; make sure they are small enough to fit into the main tiger paper organiser box. These empty containers will form the compartments within your organiser box. Cleaned out yoghurt pots are ideal for storing paperclips, staples, erasers, sticky tape and stamps. Empty cardboard toilet rolls are a brilliant idea for storing pens, pencils and rulers.

Save money by not buying fancy boxes to use as compartments. Instead simply collect any of the cardboard packaging that the goods you have bought come in. When you really think about it you could halve the waste you throw away just by recycling, all the plastic containers that we all throw away without a blink of the eye, all the cardboard boxes that we fold down to fit more easily into the bin. These are all items that could be given a new lease of life as craft items that would make our houses a lot more comfortable and user friendly.

Tiger Paper Containers

The sort of containers that might come in handy is the sturdy types that fragile goods might come in. Empty cleaned out tin cans are also a container worth having. You can store a lot of office desk items in empty food cans. If you decide to use empty tin cans, please be aware of sharp edges. If there are any sharp edges, please discard immediately.

Tiger Paper Decoration

Decoration of the yoghurt pots, cardboard toilet rolls, cardboard packaging and tin cans is the nice part of the project. This is where the tiger paper comes into its own. Cover all your containers individually with tiger paper; the tiger paper design on the paper will look fantastic on all containers. You can now place all of the smaller compartments into the larger box. Put the larger compartments at the back and the smaller compartments at the front of the box.

You are now the proud owner of your very own handmade organiser. Well done!

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