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Leopard Print Scrapbook Paper

Leopard Print Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Good day to you all, let's make some time to get crafty. Crafty in the artistic sense of the word! Being in the mood to bring out your artistic side means getting crafty, what better way to bring that artistic crafty streak out than putting together your very own scrapbook? 

You might want to consider a theme. When considering a theme, think about colours, textures and design. Today's theme to help you get started is leopard print scrapbook paper. Leopard print paper for your scrapbook is a wonderful way to add an extra dimension to the photographs, tickets, memorabilia, and notes that you will want to include in your scrapbook.


Leopard Print Scrapbook Paper Layouts

Make a card or a tag for your layout, open the first page of your scrapbook and make a card introduction out of leopard print paper. Say what you feel is important to you on the card as an introduction to the real you. Place the introduction card into your scrapbook and the theme will have begun.

Leopard prints bring out the wild side in you, this is what you want to portray with the theme today. Tomorrow it may be a different theme; it's entirely up to you. It's your scrapbook and it's your memories that are going into it. On the next page of your scrapbook a photograph of you or a scene that captures your personality would look good. The photograph when stuck onto a background of leopard print scrapbook paper, which you can find on the website, will carry the leopard print them on beautifully.

Leopard Print Scrapbook Paper Colours

If you've never been good with colour, or never considered yourself to be good with colour, don't fret, it's not about what colours go well together or what colours clash. It's about a colour that you've seen out and about, when shopping on the high street you may have passed a shop where there was a dress in the window, the style of the dress wasn't to your taste but you remember the colour.

It was a colour that you really liked and would like to include somewhere in your scrapbook. When you think of leopard print scrapbook paper, you may be thinking its leopard coloured! Of course it can be leopard coloured with spots on, but did you know you can have any colour you choose. Following the trip on the high street, you could match your leopard print scrapbook paper to the colour of the dress that you so admired. Just scroll through the options at

Leopard Print Scrapbook Paper Memories

Ok you've had a crafty day! A day that you started to put together your scrapbook. You went along with the theme for the day, which was leopard print. Have you been to a concert recently, or perhaps a theatre performance? If you have, I bet you've still got the ticket stubs lurking somewhere in a hidden corner in your house!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to use them, just put them in your scrapbook. Laid upon a background of leopard print scrapbook paper will fulfil your theme for the day. Your ticket stub memories are there forever, maybe you could write a few lines underneath the ticket stubs to remind you of what the event was like. You've done it! You've been crafty, well done!

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