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Animal Fur Paper

Animal Fur Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Good day everybody. You are probably wondering what the title above means.  It simply means that the paper has an animal fur pattern on it. If you think about it, there are many animals out there in the wild; their fur coats are all incredibly different and complex. What a lovely idea to capture their individual fur patterns on paper.


Animal Fur Paper Ideas

You can use animal fur paper in a number of ways. I like to use it in my scrapbook; it makes a lovely background on which to put photographs on. I have lots of photographs in my scrapbook and they are special to me, so it is nice to present them in a unique style. To use the animal fur paper in this way, you will need some scissors and sticky tape.

I like to match the animal fur paper to the animal itself. For instance if you've acquired a tiger fur paper pattern, find a nice picture of a tiger in a magazine, cut it out carefully then stick the tiger fur paper onto it. You will have an unusual but lovely picture to put into your scrapbook. I started scrapbooking several years ago. I was having a sort out and came across several bits of memorabilia that I just couldn’t throw away, so I went and bought a scrapbook to put them in so they wouldn't be lost and forgotten anymore.

There were ticket stubs from a music concert that I'd been to with a friend, the memories are now there for me to see and recall every time I see them in the scrapbook. I've written a few sentences underneath the tickets just to remind me of where and when the concert took place. I've also got some old train tickets in my scrapbook.

I went to Aviemore in Scotland with some friends for a skiing holiday. On the way there we were having a great time on the train, we all had seats together and the train wasn't crowded. It was a nice friendly atmosphere and we were chattering amongst ourselves quite happily.

There was heavy snowfall and we were all awestruck at the beauty of it. Then the train guard came walking down the aisle to say we're going to have to stop for a while at the next station because the snow was too deep for us to carry on travelling! Unbelievably the guard opened the doors at the next station and told all the people on the train they could get out and experience the snowfall if they wanted to!

We all got out and had snowball fights; the snow was so deep it went past our knees. The smaller children were throwing themselves into it and disappearing beneath it, it was a brilliant time. We took some pictures and then two hours later we were on our way again. When we arrived in Aviemore it was like a winter wonderland, the snow was just fresh and sparkling under the street lights. So when I open my scrapbook and see that train ticket it makes the memories come flooding back.

Animal Fur Paper Creations

Some things in our homes are not that pretty to look at, take the humble waste paper bin, yes it's practical and we'd be lost without it. But oh dear it looks so boring and drab. I decided to cover mine so that it wouldn't look boring and drab anymore. There maybe other items in your home that you feel would benefit from a bit of pattern and style. I chose an animal fur paper for the covering; you can get animal fur paper at

I cut out circle shapes and star shapes from the paper, I then stuck the shapes onto the waste paper bin using some glue. The bin was transformed and isn't boring and drab anymore. I felt quite proud of my effort, it was a nice feeling that not only had I transformed my plain waste paper bin, I'd also saved money. So there you have it, another little crafty idea that you can get your teeth into and enjoy.

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