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Animal Print Scrapbook Paper

Animal Print Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Hello to my fellow scrapbookers, it's cold and wet outside and the wind is blowing a storm. What a good day it is then for turning to our scrapbooks, in the warmth of our own homes and a cup of tea by our sides, we can have a go at filling in a few more pages of our scrapbooks.

Today's theme is animal print scrapbook paper; you can get this from the website. Ok, where do we start? Let's start by picking the pattern we want, there are lots of patterns to choose from because there are lots of furry animals out there that give inspiration. Sit back, relax and get choosing.


What Is Animal Print Scrapbook Paper

Animal print scrapbook paper is a paper that has an animal print design on it, it could be a leopard print, it could be tiger print, in fact the sky's the limit when it comes to picking the animal print that you like best. Once you've chosen your design, you can enjoy using it in your scrapbook. I like to use it as a background for sticking photographs on. Collect some photos of a certain day when you had a brilliant time.

Carefully cut out the size of the paper to suit the size of your different photos, and then just simply stick them in your scrapbook. I think it looks nice when they are on a diagonal; it’s a different idea than a normal photograph album and is great in a scrapbook. Next you should write about the day that you had, just a few sentences is enough, the sentences just need to spike your memory of what happened on the day.

Animal Print Scrapbook Paper Aspects

There are many aspects to using animal print scrapbook paper. One aspect is for it to show a little glimpse of your own personality. There are many designs to choose from, each one will mean something different to each and every individual, therefore, all the differing reasons that many different people have to choose a certain design will bring out a little bit of that persons personality.

Maybe a dramatic design like a leopard print would be fight for you. Or a black and white zebra design is more acceptable to you. Then of course is the endangered species of the tiger, which when seen as a tiger print design makes you think of the world that we live in and the fragility of our planet earth.

This is what I mean about the different animal print designs; they are designs which mean something different to different people. An animal print scrapbook paper that you have chosen is going to be as special and private to you as your scrapbook is. Go ahead and let your wild side out on this wet and miserable day, rustle up that jungle heat and warm to the theme of your scrapbook entry for today. Have fun.

What have you creates with your animal print scrapbook paper? Let us know by leaving your comments below.


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