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Animal Print Paper Uses

Animal Print Paper Uses

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Hello to all the crafty people out there in the universe. What is your favourite craft item that you like to use the most, is it the shape cutters, the brightly coloured scissors, the different shaped stamps or the paper you use. If it's the paper you use, then you probably would have heard of animal print paper, maybe you've already used it.

If not you should, it's a very unusual type of paper in that it's got an animal print running right across it. Think zebra, tiger, leopard and many more. It also comes in a massive variety of colours so that whatever you are thinking about using it for, it will almost certainly be a good match to go alongside your art work. It can be used for a variety of craftwork and today we'll be looking at scrapbook design and layouts. Carry on reading and we'll have some fun.


Animal Print Paper for Scrapbooks

What I like most about keeping a scrapbook is that whenever you open it up, you are transported back to a time when something nice happened and you wanted to record it to enjoy time and time again. By using animal print paper you can add colour and texture to the pages of your book. Maybe you've just been away for the weekend and had so much fun you want to record it in your scrapbook.

Here's what I like to do with my animal print paper: cut out shapes like circles or stars, make sure they are big enough to overlay a photograph on. Glue them onto the page of your book and then glue the photograph over that. A few paragraphs underneath will help to remind of what you got up to and where the photograph was taken. You can also make a heading out of the animal print paper; get yours at

Write on some thin card in block capitals the heading you would like to use; it could be ‘my day at the park’. Make the letters quite bold so that when you cut them out they will be big enough to see and read, using your animal print paper you can now cover them using glue to secure. Now the page in your scrapbook will look stunning with a matching animal print paper design.

Plain Paper vs Animal Print Paper

There are a number of reasons where plain paper has its uses. Likewise there are a number of reasons why you would rather use animal print paper instead. Going back to our scrapbook, when we want a colourful background and pretty pattern then plain paper just doesn't work.

On the other hand by using the patterned and colourful animal print paper, your eyes are immediately drawn to the page and it's a real joy to see and read what's on the page. Keeping a scrapbook is like keeping a diary, but you also get to add photographs, snippets of information that you may have collected and memories that you want to keep. All are presented in a way that draws you in to another world and another time. I like to write a few things down that I know I will forget, but need to remember for the future.

For instance, have you ever stayed in a hotel and been blown away by the room you were allocated? Maybe it had a brilliant view, or was particularly warm and cosy to your liking. If you have stayed in a room like that. Then you will want to remember the room number. A good way of remembering it is to write it down in your scrapbook. Include a photograph of the hotel and write down underneath the photograph the room number and what you liked about it. Using your scrapbook in this way is like having your very own hotel review book.

You know when you read reviews about hotel rooms that hopefully you get a room like the one the visitor is singing the praises of, this is where writing the room number down for your own wellbeing and enjoyment proves invaluable. And it's all there in your scrapbook, all the information you need just sitting pretty upon the scrapbooks patterned pages. Enjoy the rest of your day fellow crafters.

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