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Love Your Paw Prints Scrapbook Paper

Love Your Paw Prints Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Love your paw prints scrapbook paper, it has really cute designs of animal paw prints on it, there are lots of different animal paw prints available and they come in every colour under the sun. If you love dogs go for a dog paw print paper, if cats are your thing you can get that too.

You can get paw prints scrapbook paper from I have got the cat paw print paper for my scrapbook. I am going to get some pictures of my cat ‘sooty’, (he’s jet black all over) and I'm going to cut out some large squares to stick in my scrapbook. On top of that I am going to put my pictures of ‘sooty’. He can proudly stare back at me from the pages, sitting on a background of paw print scrapbook paper. He's so cute he deserves to have his photos in my scrapbook.


How to Use Paw Prints Scrapbook Paper

There are many uses for paw prints scrapbook paper, the way I'm using it is to put large cut squares of it onto my scrapbook pages, then I'm going to put my cats pictures on them so that it looks more dramatic than just sticking his pictures onto a plain background. Let me tell you why ‘sooty’ deserves a place in my scrapbook. He used to have a tail but now he hasn't, poor thing.

My house backs onto a railway and one night he went out as usual. The next morning however when I went to let him in he was standing there with half his tail hanging off! It was a horrible sight and I rushed him to the vet. The vet couldn't save his tail, he had to have it amputated and all he's got now is a stump. He looks really weird, but it doesn't seem to bother him. He can still balance on high walls, and when he's happy he tries to wag it but all that happens is his little stump moves slightly.

I think a train on the railway track must have run over his tail because he was alright everywhere else. So I'm going to search through some old photos of when he had a tail, I'm going to stick them in my scrapbook as a memory of when he had a tail. Poor thing. Black cats are supposed to be lucky but not poor ‘sooty’. Aaaaaghh!!

Who Needs Paw Prints Scrapbook Paper?

The short answer to this question is anyone who loves animals. What better way to have a memory of your pet, than to have a paw print paper glued into your scrapbook. You can cut out the letters of your pets name using the paw print paper. You could use these cut out letters as a heading for the page in your scrapbook featuring your pet. Then write a couple of paragraphs to say what breed your pet is and what their character is like. It would be a lovely idea to have a page dedicated to your pet in your scrapbook. So back to the question, who needs paw print scrapbook paper? You and your pet of course!

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