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Swirl Paper Novelty Coverings

Swirl Paper Novelty Coverings

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Swirl paper is a novelty way to cover a whole host of everyday objects. Things in the house that are boring and bland will get a magical makeover. Stretch the imagination and get covering! The thought of household items coming to life before your very eyes fills the heart with gladness. Don't know where to start? We have listed below an everyday object that would benefit from a mini makeover using swirl paper. You can get a range swirl paper on the website. Ok, let’s get started.


Swirl Paper Jewellery Boxes

There are two options to follow here; the first is to cover an existing jewellery box that you already have. The second option could be that you have an empty box that came through the post, with an item in that you had ordered to be delivered; the box was a good size so you were reluctant to throw it out, and that’s not a bad thing. In this Eco-friendly world that we find ourselves living in today. Recycling is the way to go.

If it’s the first choice, you already have an old style jewellery box, and then the sky's the limit for the options you can discover to create. Swirl paper comes in many patterns and colours… the choice is endless, but how nice to show your own individual style in the patterns and colours you select. Your old style jewellery box was a very precious gift, you could never part with it, and it holds too many lovely memories.

There's nothing in it now, because somehow all the items that were in it have been lost, used or put into a newer more modern design jewellery box. How lovely would it be to save it from the top shelf in the spare room and give it a new lease of life? Go ahead and bring that precious old style jewellery box back into your life. How are you going to achieve the results you want that will showcase the jewellery box in all its glory! Easy, pick the swirl paper you are drawn to, the pattern and colour of the swirl paper that prove irresistible to you.

Carefully measure the amount of swirl paper you will need to cover the jewellery box. Next, using scissors cut the shape out that will cover the box itself, fold the edges of the swirl paper over the brim of the jewellery box and use sticky tape or glue to secure it. Turn your attention now to the lid and do the same again. Put your newly fashioned jewellery box in pride of place in a position that you can see it and enjoy it every day. Fill it with whatever you hold dear, the things that you know are so special you will always want to know that you can pick them up anytime you want.

Using an Empty Box to Make a Swirl Paper Jewellery Box

Here it is the delivery box you’ve been waiting for! You open the packaging and inside this grand looking box are a tiny pair of earrings, they are the earrings you sent for, and they are the earrings that will go with the elegant dress you're going to wear for your special night out. You're happy they arrived in time for said night out, and everything is hunky dory.

Or is it? Why do you feel like you don’t want to throw the box out? Why does an empty box give us the feeling that somehow it needs to be saved? Answer, because boxes are handy, because boxes can hold an abundance of items, because boxes need to be saved! This is where the second option for covering an everyday item in swirl paper comes into its own. 

Make a stunning jewellery box out of your empty delivery box. What fun to be had choosing swirl paper with an intricate pattern and an exquisite colour. A pattern and colour that only you will own. Now let's rescue that empty forlorn looking delivery box. Let's get it covered in the swirl paper of your choice. A choice that will give it a new lease of life and make it an addition to your home that your eyes will be drawn to, every time you pass it on the shelf. Best of all it was rescued and created by you.

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