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Safari Print Paper Craft Ideas

Safari Print Paper Craft Ideas

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Do you feel like going wild? Why not have a go at making some safari style craft ideas. There are many craft ideas for you to try. It can be very satisfying to create your own work of art or craftwork. The feeling of accomplishment is hard to beat. Sometimes in life we just want to let our artistic side out, when this feeling strikes we turn to things that we really enjoy, for some people this would be making craft art, for others it might be knitting or embroidery, for others it might be baking a cake with lots of decorative icing on. If it's a craft art idea that you'd like to create, then please follow the instructions below for a craft idea to try. Have fun and enjoy your creative side. The results will be worth it.


Safari Print Paper Animals

Wild looking safari print paper animals look brilliant dangling from the shelves of bookcases and cupboards. Also try them dangling from large indoor plants. This will give your plants an extra special boost to their appearance. Create your very own indoor jungle, and enjoy the company of your newly created safari print paper animals. Invite some other crafters around, the more the merrier, have a chat and a cup of tea whilst your hands are busy at work.


What You Will Need to Create Your Safar Print Paper Animals

  1. 6 cardboard tubes
  2. Sheets of safari print paper
  3. 2 large wiggle eyes
  4. Sticky tape
  5. Craft glue
  6. Scissors
  7. Jumbo craft stick
  8. Tape 2 of the tubes together end to end. Cover with safari print paper
  9. Cover 3 of the remaining 4 tubes with safari print paper
  10. Stand 2 of the tubes up on their ends ( these will be the legs)
  11. Cut a half circle shaped notch in the top of each one ( this is where the body will sit)
  12. Save the cut out notched pieces, you will need them to make the ears
  13. Cut a similar size notch at one end of one of the other tubes ( this is where the neck will sit on the body )
  14. Take the last tube and cover with safari print paper
  15. Cut a notch at one end, ( this is where the head will attach to the top of the neck)
  16. Above where the notch is, cut out two slits about ½ inch long( this is for the ears)
  17. From the notched out pieces you have saved from earlier, cut out two ears and insert them into the slits. Add some glue to secure. Put to one side to dry
  18. At the top of the body, above the front leg, cut a slit and insert a jumbo craft stick ( this will help keep the neck steady)
  19. Use the glue to secure all body pieces together

How to Make Your Safari Print Paper Animals

If you’ve got any more craft ideas using safari print paper, let us know by leaving your comments below. You can download your safari paper on the website.

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