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Peacock Scrapbook Paper Memories

Peacock Scrapbook Paper Memories

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Have you ever had a scrapbook, if you have you will know how precious it can be to have a visual display of memories in front of you. Every turn of the page brings a fresh thought rushing into your mind. If you have never had a scrapbook, maybe now is the time to get one, and you can start putting your memories down on paper too.

Your scrapbook should be a joy to the eye, imagine opening a peacock scrapbook and seeing beautiful peacock designs, all in their resplendent colours. What a lovely background for your photos to be placed onto. The tickets you kept from the fantastic evening concert you went to. They would look good too. You can get stunning peacock scrapbook paper from the website.


Peacock Scrapbook Paper Pages

What you fill your pages with is entirely up to you. This is your book of special snippets. There is always a place in a scrapbook for photos, perhaps with a small paragraph written underneath explaining where and when the photos were taken, it is surprising how quickly we can forget what happened on a particular day of our lives. Just seeing the photo with the explanation underneath brings the emotion racing back.

People are always reluctant to throw away the special ticket for the concert they’ve just been to; the perfect place to put it would be in the scrapbook with a picture of the singer you went to see. Maybe you bought a programme that too could go in the scrapbook. Where you went for dinner before the concert will evoke the warm memory of the evening, you might have brought the menu home that would look good on the opposite page with a description of what you had to eat.

We’ve looked back in our own scrapbooks and menus really are an item that tells a story. You can almost tell what decade you were in based on what was on the menu at the time. You know a scrapbook is special because you wouldn’t put just anything in them. You only ever put favourite moments in them, so anybody flicking through the pages will know they’re seeing a glimpse of the real you.

There is a phrase we have heard: “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. You may have heard it too. A very valid and real comparison to this is of course is the scrapbook. Let your peacock scrapbook paper pages be filled with all the things that bare your soul, all the things that make you happy, all the things you have achieved, all the things that you’ve kept and stuck onto the pages that hold an abundance of memories for you.

Beautiful Peacock Scrapbook Paper

If you’re going to keep a scrapbook you should have the best. Go for the beautiful design of having the pages filled with peacock patterns. Some people think scrapbooks are just decorative photo albums but they are much more than that. If done properly a scrapbook will tell the story of the special moments in your life and your friends and families lives.

We don’t know why we are all so fascinated in other people’s lives and goings on, but we most definitely are. It is a fact that if I was at a car boot sale and saw a scrapbook, we would buy it. We would flick through the pages and drink in the atmosphere created within the pages, then we would get a real sense of the person and the history of their lives as told through the scrapbook pages.

Peacock Scrapbook Paper Facts

  • A scrapbook is a method of preserving personal and family history
  • Keeping a scrapbook is a hobby practised in many parts of the world
  • Historically, in the 15th century, scrapbooks were known as ‘commonplace books’
  • In 1775, James Granger published a history of England with several blank pages at the end of the book. The pages were left blank to enable the books owners to personalise the book with their own memorabilia. These early scrapbooks became known as extra-illustrating or grangerizing.
  • In the 18th and 19th century scrapbooks were known as friendship books.

itw ry scrapbooks were known as friendship books.y

crapbook would be told we most definitely are. We are obsessed

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