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4 Giraffe Print Paper Ideas

4 Giraffe Print Paper Ideas

Posted by Olivia Sum on

There are many giraffe print paper ideas you can create. It somehow seems extra special when you have thought of an idea in your mind, to then craft it into reality. Children's party accessories or rainy day playtime. All craft ideas are a welcome addition for a day of fun. Please find listed below four ideas for you to try.


Giraffe Print Paper Plates

One idea for giraffe print paper is to make paper plates for a party with a theme. For a wildlife party theme you could buy plain paper plates, any size will do, it just depends what you want to put on them. Using the giraffe print paper cut out circles to match the size of the paper plates you are going to use. The circular discs should then be stuck onto the paper plates using strips of sticky tape. You could put sandwiches, sweets, or biscuits on them or anything else you want to. The giraffe print paper plates with their treats on would complement the wildlife themed party superbly.

Giraffe Print Paper Popcorn Cones

Another idea for giraffe print paper is to make popcorn cones. When it comes to movie nights in, you can’t beat a bit of popcorn. The atmosphere is great already but you can make it even greater by munching on your popcorn from a homemade crafted popcorn cone.

You could buy some thin plain card and then stick the giraffe print paper onto the card. All that's left to do then is to cut the card with the giraffe print paper on into squares, then roll into cone shapes and use a strip of sticky tape to secure them. You can then eat and enjoy your popcorn from your very own handmade popcorn cones! You will be able to get the giraffe print paper on the website.

Giraffe Print Paper Masks

To make your giraffe print paper masks you will need some thin plain card, some glue, a pen or pencil, some scissors, and a length of string. Stick the giraffe print paper onto one side of the card, on the other side of the card draw an oval shaped mask, then cut out holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. Poke a hole on either side of the mask then feed the string through each hole and tie to secure. This will make a string loop that can fit over your head. You can make these with your kids too as they will love this craft project.

Giraffe Print Paper Place Names

To make your giraffe print paper place names you will need some thin plain card. Stick your giraffe print paper onto the card. Cut out rectangles from the card and fold in half, make sure the giraffe print paper is showing on the outside. Write the names of your guests on both sides of the folded rectangle and they are ready to place on the table. Brilliant for kid’s parties or safari themed parties.

What have you created with giraffe print paper? Let us know by leaving your comments below.


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