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Great ways to enhance colour for your electronic scrapbook

Great ways to enhance colour for your electronic scrapbook

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Do you think much about your colour varieties when putting together an electronic scrapbook design? How you use colour can essentially make a big transformation in the whole charm of your arrangement. Reliant on what type of result you want to create, you might stick with one colour, or use two or three colours or even a merge of rainbow selections.

Here are the top secrets of functioning with colour to make sure your outlines are truly stunning!


# 1 – Use different tones of one colour.

For some scrapbook pages, such as a page holding photos of a baby boy, using one colour can make a solid statement. If the backdrop is a light blue, then use a dark blue for photo runners and journaling slabs. Form a title out of diverse shades and designs of blue. By sticking with one colour, your pictures and accompaniments will jump right out the page.

Here are some colour concepts for layouts to consider:

  • Off-white – wedding layout
  • Pink – birth of baby girl layout
  • Green – past generation and family history layout
  • Brown – out-of-doors layout
  • Burgundy – Valentine’s or romantic layout


# 2 – Use a hint of one colour.

If the pictures you’re using for a layout comprise of a lot of colours, then contemplate using a neutral backdrop, such as beige or soft yellow. Craft photo mats using one colour that you really want to help draw the eye to in your photographs. For example, if you’re placing together a layout of the bride and bridesmaids, use the same intonation colour that is being used for the wedding.  A different example, you have a delightful photo of your little girl wearing a shirt that has a bright yellow duck on the front. To draw courtesy to the duck’s cute orange beak, use orange as your matting colour.

If you have a computer photo package that allows you to alter the shades of your digital photos, it is enjoyable to turn your photos into black and white ones, and only colouring one object. Visualize a black and white photo of your son heading up the stairs with his teddy bear, and the only thing in colour is the chocolate bear. Use a shadow of brown for the photo mat and you’ll have a striking photo!


 # 3 – Be choosy with backgrounds.

Walk down most any scrapbooking resource aisle and you’ll notice lots and lots of diverse themed paper. Although a lot of these papers are gorgeous, it’s not compulsory to always have a themed background for your designs. Use themed paper when you’re only going to embrace one or two photographs in your layout.

Try out your layout with altered backgrounds to go with the photos that you want to use for a specific design. Lay your photos on one backdrop, if it doesn’t call to you, try a dissimilar background. You’re guaranteed to find a background that really bonds in well with your photos.

 # 4 – Exploit contrasting colours.

Have you ever looked at a scrapbook arrangement and the whole thing just looked dark? It’s vital to have some kind of dissimilarity if your photos are shadowy and your background is murky. An easy answer is to use white or a bright colour for photo mats. The same holds correct if your photos are light.  You can still use a bright background, but use shady photo mats.


 # 5 – Create temper with colour.

Different colours arouse different moods. If you’re producing a layout with romantic photos, then red, burgundy or off-white are often related with love. To give a layout a “sincere” feel, use orange, yellow, taupe or peach. To show liveliness, use bright shades such as red, lime green or hot yellow. For a “casual” effect, contemplate purple, lavender, blue or dark green.


# 6 – Think harmonizing.

At Christmas time, we often use paired colours—red and green. Yet there are other contrary colours that can be corresponding together that will help you craft a remarkable layout. Try using yellow and purple, or orange and blue. You can also use a neutral background and use the balancing colours for photo mats, the title, and writing blocks, or use one of the colours for the backdrop and the other one to focus on photos and other embellishments.

 # 7 – Choose your preferred colour.

Logically, you’re drawn to definite colours. There’s a worthy chance that you can use a shade of your favourite colour for most any design or layout. Even if your favourite colour is pink, which characteristically is reflected to be a feminine colour, a shady burgundy can be used for an arrangement of your son riding his skateboard. Pair up the burgundy with a colour from the photos.


But don’t forget…


The most significant thing to remember when choosing colours for your outline is to choose colours that will help your photos jump off the page. You may need to trial with a few picks, but you’ll determine the right mixture eventually that will turn an everyday layout into a fabulous one.

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