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Etsy Vintage Lace Design

Etsy Vintage Lace Design

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Our vintage lace design digital paper is perfect for all those digital designs that you have running through your imagination. This quaint, elegant design comes in beautiful chic colours and is perfect for all those projects that need a little sophistication. The digital papers are beautifully created with lace designs making it one of the most sought for designs around the web.

These 12” by 12” papers are perfect for background of filling use. offer the best prices in town and literally designs that aren’t available anywhere else on the web.


Endless Possibilities

There is so much you can do with these rustic designs that you won’t know where to begin. If you have a shabby chic theme going on at home then try becoming a little creative and make some artwork for your walls. A great idea is to import the design paper to publisher, add some inspiring wording and print off. Frame the artwork and hang on the wall, it will be the talk of conversation and a true piece in your home that will make you feel proud, of course because you have created it yourself.

If you’re more experienced with digital design papers then you can mix and merge the ones in the pack and even create funky invitations for your birthday party.

The possibilities are boundlessly endless but in either case it’s worth buying them or keeping them stored in your computer, you can use them time and time again without worrying about ruining or wasting paper. It’s even possible to print off the design on coloured card or paper to give a unique look to the designs themselves. Try experimenting and you will be sure to come up with some perfect results that will have everyone asking, “How did you do that?”

Why Choose Vintage Lace?

Among the hundreds of designs on the web you are probably asking yourself, why do I buy and choose vintage lace? Here is your answer; they are stunning.

If you have a look around the web you will probably come across a lot of creative DIY projects that actually use this design whether it is scrapbooking, photo merging, wallpaper and so on. The lace design is traditional and modern and merges pastel, deep colours with flowery, lace like designs that will give your next piece of creativity that honour it deserves.

If you’re the more bold type and looking for a design that will spice up your next piece of artwork then go for the lace vintage designs that are black and white or even two-toned bright colours. There is such an array you will probably buy more than you need! Choosing a design pack can be a tiring journey especially when you have ideas for all of them.

Try to make a list of what you want your theme to be and of course the colour palette as this can really help you when choosing. If you are doing a birthday party for a boy then maybe blue or black might be a good idea. If you are doing an invitation for a girls night out then bold colours with flowery effects are a great idea. If you want to use the digital paper for something more professional then vintage lacy designs might not be the right choice – then again if you’re designing leaflets for your second-hand or antique shop then it might be quite fitting!

The vintage lace design has been shown in so many projects and is known for discreet but with a ‘wow’ effect. You can always start again if you don’t like the outcome because after all that’s why digital papers were invented – you can use them time and time again!


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