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How to Choose an Online Scrapbooking Site

How to Choose an Online Scrapbooking Site

Posted by Olivia Sum on

There are so many online scrapbooking sites available that even for the advanced scrapbooker it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. There are blogs, forums, freebie sites, stores and even places that offer tutorials and courses on the whole digital scrapbook subject.

For the beginner it can really be a chore to choose and select the right place to get started. Along with all the software and other things available that takes your craft right into an unknown depth it really is hard to choose and create a scrapbook!


What to take in mind when choosing online scrapbooking programs

If you are looking for something simple to create your scrapbook with – for example an online program that has all the right tools then you first need to decide what exactly it is you need. For everyone who has even considered of taking up the hobby of scrapbooking then it’s a huge possibility that you have a certain theme or idea in mind.

It’s worth the time writing down what you want your scrapbook to include for example; how many pages, each pages theme, colours, fonts, letterings, graphics, photos and other elements. For you to find the right site to use you need to be organised and understand what it is you are doing.

If one particular theme is shabby chic then make sure you find a site that has all the shabby chic elements you will need, if not, find shops and sites that you can import them from. If you are looking at using your own graphic elements, digital design papers and fundamentals then make sure the online tools have the option of adding your own elements.

If you want a simple program then search for exactly that but if you want an online program that is more complex then try out the free trials many sites offer before actually purchasing because sometimes and more often than not this can lead to disappointment. Read up on the reviews and talk to others who have the same hobby and they can advise you on the best online sites depending on your individual needs.


What to take in mind when choosing and buying your scrapbook elements

In the course of creating a scrapbook it’s essential you have all the photos, wording, fonts, elements and other things you need to make it a unique scrapbook – unlike anything else. Even though a lot of sites offer freebies and a lot of online  programs have a database of digital papers and elements if you want your scrapbook to be the best then you need to have your own unique collection and it’s worth spending out a little cash to acquire them and store them somewhere safe on your computer.

There is a huge range of shops over the web that you can buy and download these fundamentals from. The best place to buy your digital design paper packs and backgrounds is They have a wonderful range of beautifully designed papers that really are unique and they have hundreds of themes to choose from.

If you are not sure what to buy then pop over to a blog or a community of scrapbookers and read up on the forums as people tend to post all the time and question each other on what they need for a particular theme or layout.

It’s okay to buy too much as you can store them for your next project but sometimes it makes your choices in the conclusive scrapbook design a little confusing so it’s good to have something in mind before you start buying everything available on the web.


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