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Top Innovative Things to Do With Scrapbook Paper Packs

Top Innovative Things to Do With Scrapbook Paper Packs

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Looking for the right design scrapbook paper packs? There're a lot of scrapbook paper packs available. But most of the times they do not match your design needs. Every season, every mood deserves its own design.

If you are gifting it to someone scrapbook paper packs need to complement their tastes. Too much searching might get you a scrapbook paper pack but not necessarily the design that you would want to have.


Understand the design you are looking for when it comes to using scrapbook paper packs.  

If it is a token of love for someone, then it is important to understand the colours he/she likes. Have you ever tried to notice the clothes they wear? Do they have a favourite colour tie? Do they wear socks of a different colour?

Everyone has his own colour palette to which they adhere.  Sometimes the colour of the bag they would carry can be the key to understanding the right design for your loved one.  Look for contrast, affinity and the right hues and you shall have your design.  The right design might be all the love you want to share.

Going down the memory lane with scrapbook paper packs

Is it your high school reunion? Or are you just passing out of school? Or is it the all-important graduation day? So many memories and so little time to express it – scrapbook become the only means to say effectively what’s in your heart. You expect that the scrapbook shall stay for long. If it doesn’t then maybe even the memories and the precious moments shall also be gone with the wind.

Words are the only means of time travel – words dipped in colourful sketch pens, vintage ink and coloured pencils. That only means how important it is for the scrapbook to bear the test of time. So are you also looking at the material you are buying or are you just going to the design? Are you getting a mix and match of great design but bad material? Then when you are looking for the right design, make sure you also find yourself a durable solution in the form of material.

Christmas special scrapbook paper packs

Christmas is right here. The time for having the best wine, the yummiest roasted turkey is right here. The Christmas tree must have been already pre-ordered and the Christmas lights must have already been put around the places you want to decorate. But are you missing out on something?


Maybe something innovative – Would you want to become a secret Santa for a night when everyone’s sleeping and give this Christmas a new look? Christmas special scrapbook paper packs are available at flat discounts now and affordable prices. Buy yourself glitter scrapbook paper and make your own marquee lights. Or even better do not buy extra Christmas lights – Design the lights.

Add romance to scrapbook paper packs

If you thought only candle light dinners can be romantic, you are definitely wrong. If you thought hiding the engagement ring in the wine class would be romantic, you were wrong. If you thought the next holiday at the beach is going to be the most romantic, then let me tell you the rest of the beach shacks shall have rocketed up, the dinner shall not be worth the price and the wine won’t be enough to last the whole night.

These little goof ups – aren’t they what romance is all about? How do you hold on to the romance then - Maybe by writing all of them down, the experiences, the bitterness and the fights and gifting them to your beloved.   A wide collection designed for the special two that celebrates togetherness awaits you.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your scrapbook paper pack today on the website.

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