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Tips to Applying a texture with wood digital paper

Tips to Applying a texture with wood digital paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Wood digital paper can become a neutral texture to your sticky notes, memories and photographs. Its weightless character gives your letters, bling, photo corners and other embellishments a definite shape by assigning the same a certain invisible boundary. Wood digital paper often looks better than a fixed background texture.


Tips to Choose Wood Digital Paper

There are a lot of options available online when it comes to choosing wood digital paper. The backdrop that most photographs deserve is the wood digital paper because it adds a layer of realism and intimacy. Wood digital paper goes well with outdoor settings, camping trips, picnics, family photographs.

The affinity of the wood texture and the furniture, the bed, the flooring, the lamp shades, the tables, the antique crockery make it a must use texture in family photographs. Be it the faded colours of the tent or the green moss surrounding the rocks in the waterfall or limestone, gypsum settlements inside the cave, the wood brings out their physical spatiotemporal essence when used together in scrapbooking. You can also effectively use the same digital paper in bordering and in making embellishments.

Wood digital paper is available in various colours

The spring collection with its different colours has every colour you can imagine of - orange, yellow, pink, green, purple, blue offers a range of trendy design options. Also, the rustic version is similarly available in colours like teal, brown, grey. The colour and the feel of the digital paper need to be chosen by referring to the layout. It is downloadable online.

Making the most out of wood digital paper

Here are some quick hacks that can help the design. Splatter the digital paper with some paint like stains left after finished painting. It makes the wood digital paper more realistic and also highlights the embellishments attached to the same giving it a vintage feel.

Another interesting buy is the doodled wood digital paper. It adds a sense of life and movement to the photographs attached. Add industrial staples to the paper to give it the feel of real wood. When out of design solutions, opt for barn wood. It goes well with almost anything and everything.

Juxtaposing memories using wood digital paper

Staple your memories away on a texture on wood digital paper. With film passing the baton to digital cameras, the prospect of having a vintage feel to your photograph is gone. Except for the filters that are available, it is nearly impossible to give a grainy feel to the photos. There is one option that can really help. Wood digital paper is the instant solution for any photo album needs. It has the grainy real feel to it and adds a layer of intimacy to the photograph.

Besides the filters, the wood digital paper carries the rustic feeling and transfers it to the juxtaposed memory. If used as a border it adds the necessary depth to the photos. In a travel photo diary, add your set of embellishments to the photographs – torn buttons, torn denim pockets, broken toothbrushes, mini flags of the countries you have visited, and industrial staples. The wood digital paper will help these embellishments pop out for more impact.

Add your personal touch to the design by using the colours you associate yourself with.

Look at the photographs closely – look for the t-shirts you are wearing, the colour of your shoes, your tie and your sunglasses. Choose the colour of the wood digital paper accordingly. The decision is in your hands – wood digital paper can either go completely trendy, or you can make it look ancient. You can buy your wood digital paper on the website.

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