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Time travel with distressed wood frames

Time travel with distressed wood frames

Posted by Olivia Sum on

You must have your memories stacked up in old photo albums. But do you remember where you last kept your photo albums? Did you dispose of them the last time when you were renovating your house? If you did, then you flushed away a set of memories unintentionally.

How often do we regret it when we shift from one house to another and misplace such little treasured items?  It’s always has been the case of remembering practicalities and forgetting beautiful memories. You must have already realized that the shelf life of your photo album is as thin as your capacity to remember. Hence why not rather give the remaining photos a new life – let’s make one important decision: let’s panel them.


Distressed wood frames might be your answer!

There are a great many creative choices when it comes to selecting the right frame for your photographs. Here are some things that distressed wood frames make possible. The first and foremost layer distressed wood frames add is that of antiquity. It adds more depth to a portrait photo and merges well with outdoor photographs.

Be it a photo taken from a travel diary or a camping tour, distressed wood frames add intimacy and limit the possibilities of off-screen imagination. It appropriates the contours of the photograph and becomes an intrinsic part of the photo than just an external panel. If a photo suggests a block of memory, then wood frames make sure to situate the memory in that particular place and time. So basically a distressed wood frame helps you time travel.

Choose the right kind of distressed wood frames

A lot of options exist when we opt for distressed wood frames. Hence even the decision of selecting the right kind of panel is an important one and only adds more justice to the memories we want to preserve.

  1. Random travel photographs: A farmhouse design would suit it.
  2. Monochrome photographs: Barn Wood frames would be the perfect choice.
  3. Our parents’ photos in their youth: Panel them with plank designed wood frames
  4. Film photos of our grandparents: Plank designed wood frames would do the trick.
  5. Camping photographs: A greenish tinge over a wooden frame would do wonders.
  6. Birthday photographs: Ornate designed wooden frames will look good on this.
  7. Graduation portrait: A design idea would to collect all the graduation portraits of the family members and arrange them in the form of a clothing line, clip them after fixing barn wood frames to all of them.

Apart from photographs, these distressed wood frames can also be used to frame mirrors, one-liners, our favourite quotes and special messages from our loved ones. Mirrors can have an antique feel in an instant with the right kind of distressed wood frames.

Going beyond distressed wood frames

Apart from selecting the most convenient form of time travel, distressed wood frames, one could also find solutions in recycled objects. E.g. Photos can be pasted on the covers of old hardcover books. You can collect twigs from your neighbourhood, glue them all together and make it a nice little photo frame. Or even better it would be if you can gather a small block of wood from the neighbourhood.

It becomes a great alternative to distressed wood frames. The only problem shall be that it will be difficult to find similar blocks of wood. So when you will use this technique for arranging numerous frames, this idea will fail due to a lack of rhythm in between the design. You can also use your clothespins to frame your favourite photos or coloured tape.

Distressed wood frames give nostalgia its true essence. So make a wise design choice and frame your memories. You can find distressed wood frames on the website.

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