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Through memory lanes with Recollections scrapbook

Through memory lanes with Recollections scrapbook

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Try to recollect the best thing that happened to you. Maybe you can remember it as a perfect answer you wrote on an essay question that was asked in your primary school.  But memory lanes are rather an abstracted series of imperfections, bitterness, love, hate and beauty. To capture an image of a memory, we have a camera with us, to capture life in that memory we have a video of us.

Then there are certain expressions beyond the capacities of the image that go unattended. Some of these expressions find their place in our personal diaries but then why not try to find better places that these beautiful escapable moments deserve.  Recollections scrapbook comes in different sizes and offers a range of designs according to the memory trip you plan. It can keep alive your heroic escapades as a Sinbad or your daily moments in that little close knit family you have.


You can own a Recollections Scrapbook to give your travel diary a colourful twist

How many weekend getaways have you gone to? More the travel more is the chance of forgetting. Once the trip is over, what you end up with is an office desk, piled up pending files and a conference call early morning. In such busy times, it becomes, even more, special to open a little scrapbook where all these memories are stitched to remind you of beautiful yesterdays.

Otherwise, it is the normal 9-5 job or the weekday boredom that becomes the only imprint of your life. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But then imagine how better it would be if it can also stay stacked in a befitting scrapbook to remind you of what actually happened in Vegas and what you would have wanted to happen.

The line between fiction and truth is thin, and you can easily forget your life. It is a good idea to have the memories stitched up in diaries and scrapbooks rather than hallucinating a fake memory as reality. Recollections Scrapbook has a range of options when it comes to travel diaries. As they say, travel far, and you shall find yourself. These travel diaries are mirrors to what we were and what we have become.

  • Remember your memories
  • Know what you did, when you did
  • Relive your life
  • Explore and revisit those memories that you have forgotten

Knit your family together with Recollections Scrapbook

How wonderful it is to have a close-knit family?  Family is what everyone seeks to have. There is no sense of belonging otherwise in the global arena. One of those special moments is when a newborn comes into the family and becomes a part of it. Or also, when you graduate, and your parents are also present to attend your big day?

It also happens when you gift your partner the due engagement ring and it also happens in Christmas, New Year, Halloween and Thanksgiving every year. So many moments just come and pass by. You see the test of time as your grandparents become old, and you watch your younger generation with wonder and curiosity as they grow older learning alphabets from mobile phones and touchpads.

All these memories can stay together – You can tie your family together all at once in a simple way and rekindle their nostalgia by allowing them to go through it. Recollections Scrapbook allows you to paste photos and create a photo diary as well maintain a journal at the same time.

Are you scrapbooking yet? You can find many recollections scrapbook paper on the website.

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