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Creating Accessories from Red with Polka Dots

Creating Accessories from Red with Polka Dots

Posted by Olivia Sum on

What comes to your mind when you think of the red colour? Many people associate Buddhism with red because it gives off a calming and natural aura. At the same time, many people consider red to be a fierce colour and consider it to be intense.

If you happen to like the colour red, you can always combine it with your choice of coloured or black and white polka dots to come up with amazingly designed accessories such as ornaments. And Red paper with polka dots promises to be a great option for creating accessories.


How Can Red With Polka Dots Help You?

Imagine the joy that you would get out of being able to make inexpensive ornaments for yourself and your friends simply by using your skill and creativity and not spending a lot of money? It would also be great for the person receiving such a gift as he or she would feel happy for the effort you put into it.

Earrings – Designing Made Easy from Red with Polka Dots

For a start, you can create earrings out of Red paper with polka dots. To be able to do this, you need to determine the kind and shape of earrings you want to create. Here is what you need to do after that.

  1. You can then combine several Red papers with polka dots and join them by cutting at their mid-section and attaching the other paper.
  2. When the papers are fully joined in to create your earring, they will look great and creative at the same time.
  3. It’s time to do away with boring accessories which are pre-made by machines.
  4. You can also wrap red paper with polka dots around your eyewear to give it a cool and funky look.

And you’re done!

Necklace – Creating one with Red with Polka Dots

You can also create a necklace for your girl child or cousin out of red paper with polka dots. Such creative and skilful things not only excite children but also enhance their creativity as well. In order to create a necklace out of red paper with polka dots which also looks good, all you need is a pair of scissors and skilful hands. Creating a necklace requires time and skill as you can create it in many ways.

One of the most creative ways of creating a necklace is by cutting a long string of the paper and then cutting along with the length of the paper in several straight lines and then rolling it cylindrically to create a spiralling effect.

Even though the paper is cut up like a steak in order to give it a spiralling look, the polka dots still remain in form and it looks extremely catchy to the eye!

Jewellery Box – Making One with Red with Polka Dots

You can create your own jewellery box in red paper with polka dots to give it a calming and nice look.

  1. To do this, all you need to do is figure out the dimensions of the box that you plan to use.
  2. Then use a pair of scissors to cut up the paper as per the dimensions of the sides of the box.
  3. Use a strong adhesive to stick the cut portions of the paper to the box. Your jewellery box would then look great with the design of red along with the polka dots.

Usually with the colour red, black or other composite coloured polka dots go well. However, you can even choose colours like yellow or green due to the versatility of red which would still go great with these offbeat colours. You can find scrapbook paper red with polka dots on the website.

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