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Wonderful White Heart Paper

Wonderful White Heart Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Why should you choose White Heart Paper


We know that the heart is widely known as the symbol of love and affection and white is the colour of purity. This makes our wonderful white heart paper the ideal choice when wrapping gifts for that extra special occasion such as a wedding or engagement. Not only can you gift wrap your carefully selected presents to make them look that little bit more special with this delightful paper you can use it in many other ways.

You could use it to adorn a beautiful bouquet of flowers or decorate a lovely gift box by using a small amount of sticky paste to adhere the pretty heart shaped motifs which you can cut out from this versatile paper. You can also create your own beautifully personalised cards and decorate with your gorgeous little motifs, don’t forget to decorate the envelope as well. Hopefully you now have a few ideas to get you started and enjoy using this lovely white heart paper. Why not visit us at for more inspirational ideas.

Congratulations on your Christening Day with White Heart Paper

What better symbols to represent a precious innocent new born baby than beautiful white hearts. This makes our stunning white heart paper the ideal choice to make that extra special gift look wonderfully cute and adorable. For an added little extra why not create your own hand crafted mobile to hang over the baby’s cot.

This is very easily done by cutting out several different heart shapes from some sturdy cardboard paper and piercing a small hole at the point of each heart shape ready for threading with some silky white thread. Before assembling decorate your mobile with the pretty white heart motifs. When completely dry use your thread to create a beautiful decoration for the newly-born baby’s room which is sure to be loved and appreciated by mum and baby alike.

When else can I use my White Heart Paper  

White is a beautiful colour which makes us think of all things pure and innocent. Another occasion where it is traditional for a child to wear white is for a Holy Communion Ceremony. This is a really special occasion for lots of families and another time that gifts are exchanged. Our lovely white heart paper is the ideal, appropriate wrap to make those gifts look amazing and really fit the occasion.

Remember it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big event or occasion to give someone you love a heart-felt present, you may just want to cheer them up with a little bunch of flowers by adding a few added extra little touches using your white heart paper and a hand-made gift card your loved one is sure to feel a whole lot better. We really hope that you will have lots of fun doing some light art and craft work, if so remember you can get lots more ideas by visiting us at our website at

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