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Creating Exciting Decoration Material with Star Scrapbook Paper

Creating Exciting Decoration Material with Star Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

You might not realize just how much fun star scrapbook papers can be. They can lighten up your day when you least expect them to. Having fun star-patterned scrapbook papers wrapped around the containers may sound fun. What sounds even more fun is that you can use star scrapbook paper to create the most decorative of the items by wrapping them around the insides of objects with star and make them look fun and amazing.

Star scrapbook papers are unique in their own way. Their designs and patterns can be of a variety of types and can add to the positivity and brightness of any environment. It can also be helpful when you’re feeling your bouts of lowness or sadness. Star scrapbook papers can easily cheer you up and make you happier and are great for people with depression. 

You can create decorative material with star scrapbook paper easily. Consider making inside-wrap-around decoration material for all your glasses, mugs and other things which are transparent / translucent in design. Star scrapbook paper can brighten up such boring-looking objects and make them seem fun and exciting to you.



Creating Inside Wrapping Material with Star Scrapbook Paper

It’s pretty easy to create inside wrapping material. Here is how you can use a good scrapbook paper to do it easily.

  1. To do this you need a pair of scissors, mildly adhesive (and food-safe, as you may use such objects for eating or drinking), star scrapbook paper of almost the same size as the object you want to wrap it on the inside of and a compass for measuring the diameter of the object.
  2. Once you have measured the diameter, you can then easily find out the circumference and cut star scrapbook paper with the scissors to that size.
  3. Then simply wrap the scrapbook paper around the object to see if it is the right fit.
  4. Make sure that a sufficient number of star patterns are on the cut portion of the paper.
  5. Once you’re sure that you’ve cut the right amount of star scrapbook paper, put the adhesive around the edges of the paper.
  6. Remember, putting the adhesive all over may make it look bad if the adhesive takes up shape.
  7. You can then simply put the paper inside the object from the side on which it is open and press it on the edges with adhesive on them.

Creating Postcards with Star Scrapbook Paper

You can also create a postcard with scrapbook papers. Postcards are a great way of telling your near and dear ones that you think of them in their absence too. When you’ve been missing someone for too long and want to let them know that you miss them, what’s better than creating postcards out of star scrapbook paper that can really brighten up their day as well?

  1. To do this simply cut the star scrapbook paper in a rectangular fashion.
  2. It is advised to keep a postcard small and not big like greeting cards.
  3. You can then write your personalized message on it or stick pictures along with your message and send it to people.

Creating Origami with Star Scrapbook Paper

If you are interested in doing origami, you can make awesome looking origami material too with scrapbook paper. This simple origami can lift the aesthetic value of any place. While creating great origami takes experience, to create basic origami artworks which still look great, you should consider using star scrapbook paper as its exciting and catchy design makes almost all decoration objects look really good.

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