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Make Something Great With Your Glasses Background paper

Make Something Great With Your Glasses Background paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Glasses although used for practical reasons can also be used to make a statement. As they are a huge feature on your face there is no avoiding them.  Many people choose to wear contact lenses because of just this. However these days glasses have become so popular in fashion that there are fashion only glasses which have no practical uses other than to look good.


A Variety of Iconic glasses to Choose your Glasses Background

  1. Harry Potter – this style is definitely one of the most recognisable glasses, made famous by the Harry Potter movies.
  2. Kanye West – named after the singer these shades are not for the shrinking violet.
  3. Dame Edna – even more out there than Kanye`s glasses these are for the flamboyant.
  4. Elvis Presley – huge round shades perfect for mere mortals and superstars alike.
  5. Woody Allen – these are much alike harry potters only square in shape.
  6. Buddy Holly – these thick rimmed glasses have made a come-back of late.

Customising Coasters with Your Glasses Background Paper

If glasses are your thing why not try some upcycling. With the help of arts and crafts have never been simpler. Firstly choose your glasses background paper. Here is an example: 


Next cover your coasters with the paper and use a suitable adhesive to glue it to the coaster. Lastly use a clear varnish to paint over the coaster for lasting protection.

Make Some Wall Art Using Glasses Background Paper

Firstly when it comes to wall art you can buy plain canvases at a bargain in any craft store. And now comes the fun part, choosing your design. Go to where you will find your glasses background paper as above. Then it`s just a case of covering the canvas using adhesive and hanging. By choosing a couple of designs you can make a fabulous feature wall to admire and brighten your room.

Decoupage Furniture with Glasses Background Paper

Have you got any furniture that is looking old and tired and in need of an update? Well don`t go replacing it, how about funking it up with the use of decoupage. Keep your theme going throughout your bedroom and update the base of lamps, light switches, cupboards, chest of drawers even your good old trustee guitar can be refreshed in this way. Go to to choose the design of your glasses background paper. Then it`s just a case of using a good adhesive that is suitable for the materials you are using to glue your paper to the furniture. For example use wood glue for a kitchen cupboard. When this is done and the glue is dry varnish your new improved furniture with some clear varnish for longevity.

So after reading this hopefully your arts and crafts head is firmly on. Whether it`s a surprise for someone special or a project the whole family can get involved in a little enthusiasm goes a long way. Go to today and get started in time for Christmas.

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