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Gorgeous Heart Paper

Gorgeous Heart Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

 Say I Love You with Heart Paper

The heart is widely known as the symbol of love and affection so what better way to show your loved one this by making the beautiful gifts which you have put so much thought into to look so pretty with this gorgeous heart paper. You can do much more than wrap your gifts with your heart paper – with a little imagination you can make beautiful personalized cards by using the heart shapes as motifs to decorate your cards and also don’t forget the envelopes that go with them.

How romantic to open a beautifully decorated envelope and find a lovely card that has been crafted with affection especially for you. In addition to the cards why don’t you also make some lovely gift tags by cutting out some cardboard into different size heart shapes and decorate them with your pretty motifs. For more ideas why not visit our website - Enjoy and have fun.

 Say Happy Valentines with Heart Paper

There’s nothing that says Happy Valentines’ Day more than hearts and flowers so why not give the person you a love a beautiful bouquet wrapped in our lovely heart paper. Hearts are the symbols of all things beautiful, did you know that when two swans kiss their heads together form the perfect heart shape. The heart symbol is widely used in text talk to say I love you; it has become part of our everyday language. For a romantic look why not use the heart shaped motifs to decorate your bedroom by sticking on dressing tables and chests of drawers.

You could frame mirrored bedroom doors as well as wall mirrors. You can frame light switches to continue the theme. You could even make a beautiful heart shaped mobile to hang from the ceiling. There are endless things you could do using just your heart paper but if you need more inspiration remember just visit us at

Say Happy Anniversary with Heart Paper 

As we all know the heart is the universal symbol of love and an anniversary is one of the most important times to show your love by sending a beautiful card and romantic gift. Having gone through the trouble of choosing the perfect gift you will want to make sure that it is beautifully presented. Choose our gorgeous heart paper for that extra special effect. You can also personalize your card by decorating with a few little heart motifs not forgetting the envelope.

To complete the effect you can make your own individual heart shaped gift tag to say those special words which is sure to make the heart melt. What about making a pretty mobile with a heart motif for every year you have been married or buying a box of cupcakes decorated with your very own hand made heart motifs, you could even go one better and bake the cakes yourself. Hopefully you have been inspired to make someone happy using our gorgeous heart paper.

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