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Get Creative with Your Bow Tie Background Paper

Get Creative with Your Bow Tie Background Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Bow ties create a distinctively dapper look.  I`m reminded of James Bond when I think of them, with him all kitted out in his suit looking suave.  If you`re a fan of the bow tie why don`t you get creative and make your own bow tie style unique things from home decor to birthday bashes give it a go.  You will find your bow tie background paper at  Here are a few ideas of what you can do with it.


Decorating a bedroom with Bow Tie Background Paper

For all you creative folk out there, always looking for your next project this may be the thing for you!  Once you have chosen one or more bow tie background paper designs you can get started.  How about choosing a feature wall which will give a unique look to any room.  You can simply paste the paper straight onto the wall or using plain canvases cover and glue them with your design paper and hang as eclectically as you wish.

Another feature you can do using arts and crafts is decoupage, my favourite craftwork along with papier-mâché.  This is when you cover your furniture in your chosen paper and glue using the appropriate adhesive.  For longevity paint over with clear varnish.  You can refresh so many things in this way, from light switches to sideboards, coasters, mobile phone cases the list is endless.  Give it a go; you will be pleasantly surprised with the overall effect.

Designing Cards using Bow Tie Background Paper

When we see father`s day cards we are used to a multitude of designs, from sports such as football or golf to pictures of a rotund man with a pint in his hand.....all in good humour.  I think the bow tie portrays a sophisticated theme and is simple yet effective.  It doesn`t have to be a father`s day card, greetings cards work just as well.  Here is an example of a fabulous greeting card that simply says “Hey You”.

The colours in this card are a great combination, the mint, and green, yellow and grey goes so well.  However you can choose your own design, this effect was created using the Bowtiful Die Set from Waffle Flower Crafts.  Although instead of using stamps you could just go to and take a look at some unique bowtie background paper to cut out the motifs in the paper and use them for your own spin on the card.

Make Your Own Gift-wrap Using Bow Tie Background Paper

Tis the season to be jolly, the season for giving, the season for lots of wrapping presents.  Why stick to snowman or Christmas trees this year for your wrapping...everyone loves something a little different make your gift wrap unique by using bow tie background paper.  Or if you prefer the more traditional the paper would make great birthday gift wrap.

Hopefully this has given you some great ideas to get crafty so give it a go!

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