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Make the most of your Barber Shop Background

Make the most of your Barber Shop Background

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Being of the female persuasion I can`t say I`ve been in many barber shops however if I did this is what I`d like them to be like.


This is a vintage kind of set up with the old fashioned razor treatment. No electric shaver in sight and I especially love the atomizer spray used to freshen up.

Creating this Old Worldly Look Using a Barber Shop Background

Sitting in the barber`s chair whether you`re chatting away to the barber himself or drifting off listening to music while you wait to be seen the calming ambience is all part of the experience. If you visit you will find lots of different designs of vintage paper which will allow you to decorate your shop just like the one above.

Designing flyers with a Barber Shop Background

Advertising is important to drum up business for your shop. Using barber shop background paper to design your flyers will give a striking first impression and a quirky edge to your usually boring and basic leaflets. This can be continued in store by using a barber shop background on the front and back cover of your pricing pamphlet.

Making coasters with a Barber Shop Background

One of the staples of getting your haircut is the offer of a hot drink, whether it be the staff or the customers who are waiting to be seen. So why not make your own barber shop customised coasters. Simply use some adhesive to glue your chosen barbershop background paper to the coaster. When you are happy with it some clear varnish painted over it will act as protection for longevity.

Create Your Own Wall Art with a Barber Shop Background

When decorating your shop plain canvases are not only a bargain but they are great for creating the ambience you want without much fuss. For all you creative types out there you will know how to turn a boring old canvas into something classy with the help of to choose your design this can be made very simple. Simply choose your paper and glue to the canvas and then hang. You can`t get any simpler yet effective than that.

Customise Furniture with a Barber Shop Background

A favourite thing of mine to do in arts and crafts is to decoupage furniture.  There are many items of furniture you can choose from to do this. From the simplest of ideas like using your barber shop background paper to decoupage a light switch. To refreshing an old shop table in the case of the barber shop design I have been talking about. Whatever the item of furniture it is, it will look fabulous when being upcycled with your chosen barber shop background which you can get from

I hope this has given you some creative thoughts on how to make the most of your barber shop background paper. Enjoy doing it and most of all make it fun and I`m sure you`ll be happy with the end results.

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