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Different things to do with Kitchen Scrapbook Paper

Different things to do with Kitchen Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

If you want to make the most of your indoor space on a budget and are into arts and crafts there are many creative things you can do with kitchen scrapbook paper.  In lots of beautiful colours and designs why not customise your things to create a fabulous psychedelic effect or if that`s a little sixties for your liking and you like something a little calmer that can be done too.  Whatever your taste I`m sure there are plenty of designs you can choose from.  Take a look at for a wide range of choice.


Liven up some old Coasters and Trays using Kitchen Scrapbook Paper

This is simple to do.  Pick a scrapbook paper design of your choice and then it`s a matter of using the correct adhesive to glue and cover your items.  A clear varnish over the top will ensure longevity for your new customised accessories.  When it comes to having visitors they will be pleasantly surprised at your unique accessories so be sure to point them in the right direction when they ask how they can make their own.

Create your own Wall Art using Kitchen Scrapbook Paper

Plain canvases are very easy to get hold of and are a bargain when it comes to filling wall spaces with beautiful designs.  Why not use your kitchen scrapbook paper to turn those canvases into something fabulous.  Here is an example which I think is a vibrant classy design.

 How to make your own Bunting using Kitchen Scrapbook Paper

Me and my family enjoy camping and when we go to a campsite I`m always struck by all the different designs of bunting that hang onto caravans.  However you don`t have to go camping to enjoy the decorative feature that is bunting.  Whether holding a get together or just wanting to spruce the place up I think bunting can look great in any home.

You will need

  1. Kitchen Scrapbook Paper
  2. Cardboard
  3. String
  4. Scissors
  5. Hanging hooks
  6. Adhesive

As bunting is triangle in shape cut as many as you`d like matching sized triangles out of your cardboard.  After this cover and glue your chosen design kitchen scrapbook paper to the triangles.  Have a look at the different designs on They can be as flamboyant as you choose, for me the brighter the better.  Wait for the adhesive to dry.  When this is done prick holes in the corner of each triangle threading the string through each hole as you go.  Now your bunting is almost complete use the hanging hooks to attach to the ceiling and you’re done.

Make some Gift Tags using Kitchen Scrapbook Paper

Why buy readymade gift tags when you can customise your own using kitchen scrapbook paper.  Just cover some cardboard such as a cereal box with the paper of your chosen design.  Then cut up into tag shapes and make a hole to thread your string through.

Hopefully this has given you lots of ideas on how to get creative with your kitchen scrapbook paper so get to it.

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