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Make the Most of your Vintage Mustache Paper

Make the Most of your Vintage Mustache Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

When I think moustaches I imagine a Mexican sitting in the sun having a snooze with his sombrero covering his eyes.  Or a lesser cheerful image is of Hitler`s toothbrush moustache which is unmistakably iconic.  Whatever image is drawn to mind when you think of a moustache it`s true that this facial hair makes a statement wherever you go.  It also signifies the time for boys to turn into men.   And so you arts and crafts types can use your imagination to bring the moustache to life in lots of different ways.  To do this go to where you will find a variety of vintage moustache paper to get creative with.


Having a Coming of Age Party Using Vintage Moustache Paper

Turning into a teenage adolescent can be a difficult time for youngsters going through lots of physical changes which include body hair and for boys this includes moustaches.  This should be a time to celebrate, not so much the having to shave everyday but the coming of age.  This is where your vintage moustache paper will come in very handy.  What do you need for a party, well the first thing that comes to mind is presents which includes gift wrap.  Go to to choose your design and get wrapping.

Another thing you could make is some vibrant moustache paper bunting to decorate the room and give a lovely ambience. Here`s how:

You will need

  1. Vintage Moustache Paper
  2. Hanging hooks
  3. Cardboard
  4. Scissors
  5. Adhesive
  6. String

Cut your cardboard into matching triangles however big you wish your bunting to be.  After you have done this get your vintage moustache paper and cover and glue your cardboard triangles creating a great Mexicana effect ...arriba arriba!  Wait for the glue to dry and the make holes with your scissors in the corner of each triangle.  Next thread the string through each hole and lastly attach the hanging hooks and hang your fabulous bunting.

Making Vintage Moustache Paper Birthday Cards

There are lots of different ideas for birthday cards with some fab pictures and messages, my own favourite is a card with the slogan “Have a Fan(tache)tic Birthday”.  To accompany your slogan cut out your motif to put on the front with paper cut out from your design paper at

Along with birthday cards you can also customise your own invitations.  Have a look at this one which looks tea stained to create that vintage effect you are looking for.

Decorating a Wall using Vintage Moustache Paper

If you`re into your arts and crafts you will know that art canvases are a cheap and cheerful way to brighten up any space.  To make your own simply go to and find the vintage moustache paper design of your choice.  With the right adhesive glue your paper to the canvases and hang.

Hopefully this has given you lots of ideas on where to get started on creating your own little moustache haven.

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