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4 Chalkboard Download Paper Collections for Under $2

4 Chalkboard Download Paper Collections for Under $2

Posted by Olivia Sum on

If you are looking for a chalkboard download scrapbook paper for your craft project then look no further than the website. We have a lot of chalkboard paper collections to choose from, all for under $2.

You can create some great things with chalkboard paper such as picture frames, letter art, signs, gift tags and more. You could even think outside the box and use it for home décor projects. Whatever it is you want to do with chalkboard paper, we have many different styles of it so you are sure to find the perfect paper for your project.

We have listed some of the most popular chalkboard paper collections available on the website for under $2.


Chalkboard Download Designs Collection

You will get 10 different chalkboard designs in this collection including black chalkboard, dark grey chalkboard and green chalkboard. There are also chalkboard papers that have fanciful writing on to create some vintage looking projects. With this collection you could create some fun wall art for around the house such as a sign for house rules placed in a white frame. To make this, download this chalkboard paper collection and print it. Cut the paper so it will fit snugly inside the frame. Use a white chalk, pen or paint to write your house rules onto the chalkboard and hang up on the all to remind everyone who is boss.

Chalkboard Download Patterns Collection

This collection has 12 different chalkboard patterns to use for your craft projects. Patterns include vintage ornate floral patterns, chalk polka dot patterns and striped line patterns. These will be great to use for gift wrap, scrapbook covers and a fun gallery of wall art. To make the gallery of wall art, use 5 or 6 frames of different sizes and print out different patterns from this collection. Cut each pattern so they will fit in each of the frames and hang them up on the wall. They will look great if some are place horizontally and others vertically to create a fun gallery.

Sponge Trails Chalkboard Download Collection

This is a really fun collection with 12 different patterns all made using a chalkboard and chalk effect. The collection includes patterns such as waved lines, pin stripes, large polka dots, stars and more. They will look great as gift wrap, letter art or even to cover table tops in the home.

You could make a fun alphabet letter art for the wall of your children’s bedrooms by using Photoshop to open the chalkboard paper and using the marquee tool to select a square of it to define and save as a pattern. Use the text tool to then type the letters of the alphabet in a fun font and edit the layer to add the chalkboard pattern onto the letters so you now have chalkboard letters. Print all of the letters and stick onto the wall. To make it even more fun, use different patterns from this collection for each alphabet letter.

Chalkboard Download Dusty Collection

This collection has a great effect of a chalkboard that has chalk dust still left on it. There are 12 different coloured chalkboards in this collection including a black chalkboard, green chalkboard and grey chalkboard. You will surely find the background effect you want for your project in this collection. With it you could create anything from gift tags to canvases and from cabinet drawers to clipboards.

To make the gift tags you will need to also download a clipart label which can also be bought from the website. Using Photoshop and the marquee tool again, add the chalkboard paper onto the clipart label to create the chalkboard gift tag. You can then add a white border, white text, white flowers, white snowflakes or whatever you wish to use to decorate your gift tags. Once you have finished designing the gift tag simply print them out, punch a hole at the top and loop twine or ribbon through to add to your gifts.

These are a just a few chalkboard download collections; you will be able to find all the rest on our website. Make sure to tag us into your craft projects on Twitter and Instagram @DigitalPaperShop.

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