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Things You Can Make With Sparkle Scrapbook Paper

Things You Can Make With Sparkle Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Everyone loves to add sparkle to their craft projects. Making things sparkle just seems to add a fun and glam touch to your greeting cards, party invitations or scrapbooks. There are many coloured sparkle scrapbook paper to choose from and many different textures too. If it is a party you are hosting then you’ll want to make sure the party invites are in keeping with the theme.

If it is a seasonal greeting card you are doing then you may want to incorporate those colours into your cards. For example, at Christmas you may want to do a red and gold sparkle card and at Halloween, you may want to do orange and black sparkle bunting. Here are some projects you can do with your sparkle paper.


Making Christmas Cards with Sparkle Scrapbook Paper

There are many different styles of Christmas cards you can make with your sparkle scrapbook paper such as creating a red sparkle bauble to go onto a white background with a red sparkle border too. You could also create a ribbon and bow effect on a plain card with a frosty blue sparkle paper. Another popular idea is to create little red sparkle present boxes with a gold sparkle bow and gold sparkle present boxes with a red sparkle bow to add to your Christmas cards. Add 2 red presents and 1 gold present to the bottom of each card and add a white ribbon just above the presents to create a beautiful Christmas card.

Making Star Garlands with Sparkle Scrapbook Paper

This is so much fun and can be done for any time of the year and for any party including birthdays and weddings. Simply download a star clipart and open it in Photoshop. Next, choose your sparkle scrapbook paper and download and also open it in Photoshop. Use the marquee tool to select the sparkle paper and define the pattern. Select the layer the star is on and edit the pattern to the saved sparkle paper.

You should now have a sparkling star. Do one or two colours for your sparkle stars and print a batch of them on pieces of paper or card to cut out. You can then glue these onto pieces of string to hang up on the ceiling so they hang down. Cut the pieces of string into different lengths for a waterfall effect.

Making Table Top Christmas Trees with Sparkle Scrapbook Paper

These are super easy to make and will be a great project to get the kids involved with. Simply download your chosen sparkle scrapbook paper and print the background onto different sized pieces of paper or card. Wrap each piece of paper into a cone and secure with glue. You should now have your cone shaped Christmas trees to stand up wherever you want them. They look great together as a little Christmas tree family in different sizes and shades of sparkle. You can even add a finishing touch by adding a bead or pearl to the top of each cone tree.

Making a Christmas Shadow Box with Sparkle Scrapbook Paper

These are great for hanging up on the wall or placed onto a table or shelf. Simply buy a shadow box in whichever size you choose and print out your sparkle scrapbook paper to cut so it fits inside the box. Print your letters you want to add to your shadow box and glue onto the front of the glass. The letters should be in a solid colour so as they stand out against the sparkle background. You can then add baubles, stars or whatever you like inside of the shadow box and hang up on the wall. Do not fill the box up to the top so you can’t see the sparkle paper though. If using baubles add two or three rows at the bottom and two or three columns to one side.

We hope you like the sound of some of these ideas you can create with your sparkle scrapbook which you can buy on the website. If you have any more ideas to share, please do so by leaving your comments below.

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