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How to Make Envelopes from Printable Scrapbook Paper

How to Make Envelopes from Printable Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

If you’ve made your own Christmas card, Birthday Card, party invitation, wedding invitation then you are going to need an envelope to put it in. The person you are giving it to will be touched by the hard work you have put into making their card. What they don’t know is that you actually had loads of fun making it. In this blog post we will talk about which printable scrapbook paper to choose, what you will need to make your envelopes, a guide on how to make them and also any other ideas that might take your fancy.


Which Printable Scrapbook Paper to Choose

There are literally hundreds of printable scrapbook paper to choose from which are all super cute. By all means, browse through the many papers on the website,, but if you haven’t the time then here are a few favourites you may like.

  1. 4Th Of July Paper – This is great for sending out your 4th of July party invitations. There are 12 papers in this collection including flag bunting and classic USA stars.
  2. Brick Paper – These are great for creating interesting envelopes. Collections come in hues of pink, green, purple and more.
  3. Christmas Paper – A perfect match for your homemade Christmas cards. There are 12 papers in the collection including a white background with red baubles and a red background with white snowflakes and more.
  4. Affection Paper – Perfect for Valentine’s Day cards or anniversary cards. The collection has 12 different styles of papers including a really cute pink lip paper.
  5. Aged Maps Paper – This will be great to send to friends or family members are who travelling. There are 12 different map papers, all of which look like old age maps.
  6. Vintage Paper – You can get the vintage paper collection in pastel colours which just looks amazing. They feature little envelopes on the paper and another has “air mail” stamps on.

What You Need to Make the Envelopes from Printable Scrapbook Paper

In order to make your envelopes, you are going to need the following items first:

  1. Printable Scrapbook Paper – This is what you will be making your envelopes with. If you want the pattern to be on the inside of the envelope too then print the scrapbook paper onto both sides. You could even use a contrasting pattern for the inside to surprise the receiver when they open it.
  2. Envelopes – This is to use as a trace to cut the shape from the scrapbook paper. If you haven’t got an envelope then you can draw the shape of the envelope onto the scrapbook paper, using a ruler. Make sure the shape of the envelope is big enough for the card or invitation to go into.
  3. Glue Stick – You can use a glue stick to glue down flaps of the envelope or you can use a classic wax seal if you have one.

How to Make the Envelopes from Printable Scrapbook Paper

Now that you have everything you need to make the envelopes using printable scrapbook paper, it’s time to get started on them.

  1. If you want a contrasting pattern inside the envelope than outside, download both of the scrapbook papers you want and print one of them onto one side of a piece of paper and then put the same piece of paper back into the paper tray and print the other scrapbook paper onto the other side.
  2. Use an envelope you already have and gently pull all the flaps open and lay it flat onto the scrapbook paper. Use a pencil to trace the shape of the envelope onto the scrapbook and cut it out.
  3. Now fold the envelope according to the pencil lines to create the envelope flaps. You should now have your envelope.
  4. You can now either glue the 3 flaps down to create a pocket for your card or invitation to go in or you can simply put your card into the centre of the envelope, fold the flaps over it and seal it with a classic wax seal or sticker.

Other Ideas You Can Do With Printable Scrapbook Paper

To create a full effect with your scrapbook envelopes, make the greeting card or invitation that is to go inside it with the same printable scrapbook paper. For example, if you are using the aged maps paper for the envelope, why not create a 3D world to go on the card made from the same aged map paper. Happy Crafting Everyone.

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