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How to Create 3D Stars with Gold Foil Digital Paper

How to Create 3D Stars with Gold Foil Digital Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

We’re going tell you how to make gold 3D stars today using our gold foil digital paper. They look fantastic but are surprisingly easy to make and could be a fun project to with your kids too. You can make them for Christmas, for parties or even for home décor. We will go through what you will need to create your gold 3D stars, a step-by-step guide on how to make them and some cool ideas for what you can use your 3D stars for.


What You Need to Make the Gold Foil Digital Paper 3D Stars

To make the fun gold foil digital paper 3D stars, you are going to need to make sure you have all the following items:

  1. Gold Foil Digital Paper – This will be the background for your 3D stars. You can buy this from the website.
  2. Star Clipart – You will need to download a star shaped clipart to be the main template for your 3D stars. You can also get this from our website.
  3. Photoshop – This is needed in order to transfer the gold foil paper onto the star clipart image. If you haven’t got Photoshop, you could always print out the star template and the gold foil paper and use the template to cut out stars from the foil paper.
  4. Printer – You will need this to print your digital paper and your star clipart.
  5. Scissors – To cut out your stars and for anything else that may require cutting.
  6. Glue Gun – This is to help the stars to stay 3D and not fall flat.
  7. Hole Puncher – This is an optional extra if you wish to tie your stars together.
  8. Twine – Again, this is an optional extra if you wish to hang your stars up on the wall, fireplace, ceiling or anywhere else.

Now that you have everything, it’s time to get started on making them.

How to Make the Gold Foil Digital Paper 3D Stars

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make 3D star using gold foil digital paper.

  1. Download the star clipart to Photoshop and open it.
  2. Download the gold foil digital paper and open that on Photoshop too.
  3. Using the marquee tool, select the gold foil paper and define it so it is saved.
  4. Go back to the layer the star is on and edit the pattern to the saved gold foil paper.
  5. You should now have a gold foil star which you can print however many times so you get the number of stars you want.
  6. Once the stars are printed, cut them out and score them from all points to points. There should be four lines on each star.
  7. Now you need to fold the star at the lines you have just made so it is pointing up from the middle of the star. You now have a 3D star!
  8. To make the 3d stars stay 3D, add a blob of hot glue to the back of the star in the middle and leave to dry. This should help stop the star from falling flat.
  9. If you are hanging up the 3D star, use the hole puncher to add holes to the left and right wings of each star and use the twine to tie them all together.

Other Ideas for Gold Foil Digital Paper Stars

You can add different colour stars so they are alternating when hanging them up. Red and Gold will look brilliant at Christmas or how about Gold and Silver for New Year. You can also add a 3D star to a canvas and hang on the wall for fun home décor.

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