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7 Things You Can Make With Damask Floral Paper

7 Things You Can Make With Damask Floral Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

We love damask floral paper and we’re pretty sure you do too. Because we love it, we simply can’t get enough of it and have decided to list some ideas for what you can do with damask floral paper as well some of the most popular papers to use for these projects. We’ve got some great ideas such as romantic wedding confetti cones, decorative wall art and seasonal greeting cards.


Damask Floral Paper

There are hundreds of damask floral paper collections to choose from on the website and so we have listed a few of our favourites.

  1. Autumn Damask Floral Paper – As you can imagine, this collection contains beautiful damask papers in the colours of autumn.
  2. Baby Damask Floral Paper – There are four different collections in this range in hues of blue, red, pink and purple.
  3. Black and White Damask Floral Paper – This is very striking collection of damask papers and will have bold effect on any project you are doing.

These are just a few of many damask papers which you can have a browse through on the website.

Damask Floral Paper Wedding Confetti Cones


We suggest using a sky blue colour from the Baby Damask Floral Paper range to make the confetti cones, especially if you are having a vintage or cottage themed wedding. Simply print out the damask paper on both sides, fold into cones and glue or use double sided tape to secure them. You can even use cross-shredded pieces of the same damask paper for the confetti.

Damask Floral Paper ‘I Love You’ Cards

Damask floral paper looks so cute on ‘I Love You’ greeting cards especially in a baby pink or blush pink colour which you can get in the Baby Pink Damask Collection. Use the damask paper to cover the entire background of the card and add a large pink heart to the centre of it. You can add extra cuteness by adding a lace border around the heart and embellish it with flowers.

Damask Floral Paper Christmas Cards

A festive green damask floral paper will look great on your Christmas cards. You can get a festive green paper in the Baby Damask collection. Add the damask paper to the upper half of the Christmas card and colour the below in a cream or white colour. You can add a red bow horizontally along the middle of the card to make it look like a present.

Damask Floral Paper Light Switch Plate

If you’re bored of your very plain light switches then do something about it. Take the light switch off of the wall and use a black and white damask paper from the Black & White Damask Collection and cut it to shape and cover the light switch. Use Mod Podge to glue the paper onto the light switch and then add another layer of Mod Podge on top and leave to dry.

Damask Floral Paper Wallpaper

Damask floral paper will look great as wallpaper but you can really struggle to find the colour that you want from the home depot store. Using digital papers for the wallpaper will give you a much wider wide range of patterns and colours to choose from. You can even use Photoshop to add other elements, features or filters to the damask paper to further personalise it to your tastes.

Damask Floral Paper Wall Art

Instead of paying expensive for one wall art canvas, why not create your own wall art gallery with six canvases for a cheaper price. Simply print the damask floral paper you want and glue it to each of the canvases to hang up on the wall. You can get creative and have different patterns for the canvases to create a more striking look.

Damask Floral Paper Baby Scrapbook Cover

For this, use a shiny all silver damask floral paper so that the background and damask pattern on the paper is all the same colour but different shades. You can cover your baby memory scrapbook cover in this paper and add a cute baby stroller clipart to the front. Make it even cuter by using buttons for the wheels of the stroller.

Remember that all the damask floral paper collections mentioned in this blog post can be bought on the website. Happy Crafting!

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