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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Pink Glitter Paper

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Pink Glitter Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

We want to share with you our glamourous pink glitter paper collection in the spirit of all things love this Valentine’s and all the cute and romantic things you can create with it, either for a loved one or as a keepsake for yourself. We have some great craft projects such as glitter love letters, Valentine’s scrapbook, glitter hearts and more.


The Glamourous Pink Glitter Collection

This very cute and sparkly glitter paper collection has a whopping 30 glitter papers in its collection including shades of pink (of course), shades of greys and shades of very pale greens. All the colours in the collection will match each other if you want to layer your glitter papers. You can get the glamourous pink glitter paper collection of the website.

Create a Love Letter with Pink Glitter Paper

Surely you can’t go through a Valentine’s without sending a love letter to your loved one. Make it even more special by coming up with your own poem that can be fun and flirty or truly sentimental. Once you have written your love letter, choose the font and centre align the writing. Print it out onto a piece of plain light pink A5 sized paper and put to the side. Next, download the pink glitter paper collection and choose the shade of pink you want to use. Print the pink glitter paper onto an A4 sized piece of paper and glue the light pink piece of paper on top. The end result should look like a glittering border around your love letter.

Create Glitter Hearts with Pink Glitter Paper

What is Valentine’s without love hearts!? You can add them to your love letter, to greeting cards, to gift tags, to your scrapbook or just about anywhere and everywhere. Simply download the pink glitter paper collection and on Photoshop, use a heart stencil to cut out pink glitter hearts and add them to an A4 sized document for printing in batches.

Create Gift Tags with Pink Glitter Paper

You can use your glitter hearts for this project. Download your chosen clipart label tag and your glitter paper collection. Use Photoshop to add the glitter paper to the tags and print. You can then use a craft sponge to glue down the glitter heart to your glitter tag to create a 3D effect. Make sure you use two different shades for your glitter heart and glitter tag.

Create a Valentines Scrapbook with Pink Glitter Paper

To cherish the memories of your Valentine’s Day, you can create a scrapbook or add a page to the scrapbook you already have. If it is a cover you are creating, why not cover your entire scrapbook in your chosen glitter paper and add a photo to the centre of the cover. You can border the photo with a different shade of glitter and add your glitter hearts around it. Again, make sure the glitter hearts are a different shade than the background and border.

We hope you like some of these cute ideas and will use them for your Valentine’s Day. Let us know what you created with your pink glitter paper by tagging us on Twitter @DigitalPaperShop. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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