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How to Make Glitter Letters with Gold Glitter Digital Paper

How to Make Glitter Letters with Gold Glitter Digital Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Glitter letters look great on party invitations, birthday cards, scrapbooks and more. We are going to focus on the gold glitter digital paper letters as this seems to be one of the most popular choices of colours crafters use for their glitter letters. We are going to go through the best collection of gold glitter digital paper to use, what you will need to create your glitter letters, a step-by-step guide on how to create them and some ideas of what you can use your glitter letters for. Let’s get started…


The Glamourous Gold Glitter Digital Paper Collection

The glamourous gold glitter digital paper collection is great for creating your gold glitter letters. There are 10 shades of gold glitter to choose from; from a dark brownish gold glitter paper to a more prominent yellow gold glitter. No matter which shade you choose, each will add a beautiful shine and sparkle to your craft project.

What You Will Need to Make Glitter Letters with Gold Glitter Digital Paper

In order to create your gold glitter digital paper letters, you are going to need the following:

  1. Photoshop – You will need this in order to create your glitter labels. Using Photoshop makes crafting a lot quicker and easier allowing you to print your glitter letters in batches rather than cutting out individual letters.
  2. Gold Glitter Digital Paper – Choose which gold glitter paper you want, we recommend the Glamourous Gold Glitter Collection, and choose the shade you desire. This will be used to create the glitter letters.
  3. Printer – If it is a physical craft project you are doing such as a birthday card, you are going to need a printer to print out your letters.
  4. Glue Gun – If you haven’t got the facilities to print out your glitter letters straight onto the craft project, you will need a glue gun to glue each letter to your project.
  5. Other Craft Tools – Gather everything else you need for your craft project such as clipart, labels, ribbons etc.

If you haven’t got Photoshop, see if your local library has the Adobe Create Suite software which will allow you to do you glitter letters. They should have a printer too for you to use but they’ll usually charge a small fee.

How to Make Glitter Letters with Gold Glitter Digital Paper

Now that you have everything you need to make your gold glitter letters, it’s time to get started…

  1. Download the Glamourous Gold Glitter Digital Paper collection from the website.
  2. Once downloaded, save the chosen shade of gold glitter to the desktop of your computer.
  3. Open up Photoshop or the software you are going to be using and open the glitter paper shade you have chosen to make the glitter letters.
  4. Use the Marquee Tool to select a square of the gold glitter paper then go to Edit >> Define Pattern >> then press OK when asked to save this new pattern.
  5. Open up a new document and use the Text Box tool to write the words you want to be glittered.
  6. Double click on the layer the wording is on to edit the layer style and click ‘Pattern’. You should be able to find your gold glitter paper from the drop down list.
  7. Your wording should now be glittered. You can use the scale to change the focus of the glitter but we find that the Glamourous Gold Glitter Collection usually has the perfect focus so no scaling is usually needed.
  8. You now have your gold glitter letters… voilà! What you do after this point completely depends on what project you are making.

Ideas for Your Golf Glitter Digital Paper Letters

You can use your beautiful gold letter digital paper letters on any craft project. They will look amazing on Christmas cards or gift tags. Adding them onto a blush pink background would make a stunning wedding invitation, especially if the font used is a romantic classic swirling font.

What have you created with your gold letters? Let us know by leaving your comments below and help inspire others.

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