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Ideas You Can Do With Digital Glitter Paper

Ideas You Can Do With Digital Glitter Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

So you know you want to create something with a digital glitter paper but aren’t entirely sure what you want to do yet. Let us help you out with a few ideas that will get your creative mind racing. We’ve got ideas for creating wall art, snowflakes, invitations and more. Before we get started we’ll look over some of the different digital paper collections available so you can choose your favourite and download it before starting.


Types of Digital Glitter Paper

We have listed below a few of our favourite digital glitter paper collections which we are sure you will love just as much:

  1. Beach Tones Glitter – This set includes chevron style glitter papers and comes in shades of gold, orange, pink and more.
  2. Glitter Bokeh – This is a unique set of glitter papers that will light up your scrapbook, invitation or wall art.
  3. Gold Glitter Papers – This glitter paper collection has 10 different shades of gold glitter… that should keep you happy.
  4. Peacock Glitter – This collection has 15 shades of beautiful silver, blue, lilac and turquoise colours.
  5. Pink Glitter – We cannot go without mentioning the pink glitter collection, it is a favourite with many avid scrapbooking fans.

Of course, there are many more glitter paper collections available on the website along with other texture papers and clipart too.

Tree Wall Art Using Digital Glitter Paper

Using a black card as the base of the project, add a gold digital glitter paper to the top making sure to leave a 2cm border. Next, add a silver glitter paper on top of the gold but again leaving a 2cm border so the gold is showing. You can then add different shades of silver glitter trees to the front. A nice finishing touch would be to add a mesh black ribbon to the side and tie in a bow.

Heart Wall Art Using Digital Glitter Paper

Using pink and gold glitter papers and a heart template cut out 1 gold glitter heart and 11 pink glitter hearts making sure they are all the same size. You can then glue this into columns of 3 and rows of four onto a plain white background. Place the 1 gold glitter heart on the second row in the third column. Place the design in a simple white frame for a simplistic yet very cute wall art piece.

Alphabet Letters Using Digital Glitter Paper

You can use any colour digital glitter paper you want for this and use the alphabet letters for anything you want. You can create these on Photoshop by downloading your chosen glitter background and cutting out alphabet letters for you to then print. These will look great in scrapbooks or even on the door of your kids’ bedrooms.

Invitations Using Digital Glitter Paper

For your girl’s party invitation, use a pink and white matte chevron background and add a strip of the gold digital glitter paper right through the middle, horizontally. Add an ornate white label with pink and gold borders to place in the middle of the invitation. You can then either use pink, gold glitter or both coloured fonts to write on the label.

Greeting Cards Using Digital Glitter Paper

You can use this idea for any type of greeting card. Choose 6 different coloured glitter papers that will suit each other. Using a brown craft paper texture, place 6 tiles of the coloured glitter paper through the middle of the card. The effect will be stunning. You can decorate it further for special holidays such as Christmas by adding little white or glittery snowflakes.

Envelopes Using Digital Glitter Paper

Using a very light dusty pink piece of paper, add a gold digital glitter background on top while leaving a 2cm to 4cm border so the pink is still showing. You want to fold the paper into an envelope so that the gold glitter will be on the inside of the envelope when opening. It is a perfect envelope to pair with your wedding save the date and invitation cards.

Snowflakes Using Digital Glitter Paper

Instead of using plain white paper to cut out your snowflakes this year, use a silver digital glitter paper. They will also look great in tones of blue and grey to really create frosty looking snowflakes in the house this Christmas. You can even take it a step further by doing 3D snowflakes by gluing or stapling 4 glitter papers together.

We hope you have fun with these ideas but if you have come up with any more, we want to hear them by leaving your comments below.

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