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9 Bestselling Glitter Paper for Scrapbooking

9 Bestselling Glitter Paper for Scrapbooking

Posted by Olivia Sum on

The joy we have with glitter! Adding sparkle to your scrapbooking is a must in our eyes. Glitter paper doesn’t stop at scrapbooking; it can be used for greeting cards, home décor and gift tags too. Who doesn’t need added sparkle in their life? Let’s have a look at some of our bestselling glitter collections.


Autumn Glitter Paper

There are 30 glitter varieties in this collection including tones of brown, blues and reds. They will look great if you are trying to recreate a bronze glitter effect on your greeting cards or scrapbook pages. Why not add a square of it as the bottom layer of a greeting card so it acts as a border.

Beachy Texture Glitter Paper

Not only is this a glitter paper, the texture of it looks like glitter sand. It has 12 different colours in the collection including tones of green, pink, purple and grey. There is an awesome blue colour that would look brilliant as they sky in your scrapbook.

Black and Gold Glitter Paper

Let’s jazz it up a bit with the black and gold glitter. It truly has a powerful impact when added to any scrapbook, greeting card or even gift tags. There are 16 different styles in the collection, all of which are made of black and gold glitter.

Chevron Glitter Paper

We love this glitter collection because the fun it adds to projects. There are a massive 30 different variations of the chevron glitter in this collection including shades of silver, gold, grey, pink and many more. You can create great wall hanging decorations with this paper.

Frozen Glitter

As you can imagine, this glitter collection has a lot of icy blue shades as well as silver and lilac shades. You could create amazing snowflakes for Christmas with this glitter collection and hand them for the ceiling, fireplaces or shelves. The kids will love making them too.

Quaterfoil Blue Glitter Paper

If you want to add a little bit of vintage style to your glitter paper then this will be the ideal collection for you. The beautiful glitter ornate decorations on the paper are certainly unique and will look great in your scrapbook or even as a background in a photo frame.

Rainbow Glitter

Of course, we can’t have a list of bestselling glitter papers without having the rainbow collection on. It has the boldest of colours that you will find in the rainbow including a rich ruby red, deep sea blue and a glorious hot pink. These colours will act as a great background for your behaviour chart in the house.

Spice Glitter Paper

This glitter collection has very unique and warm tones that will look great if you have been on holiday to somewhere like Egypt, Dubai or even India where you want to create those warm memories. There are a total of 30 papers in the collection which you can use throughout your holiday scrapbook.

Strawberry Glitter

This fruitful glitter collection has the richest red colours you will ever see. We are pretty sure that Dorothy’s shoes were made from this. There are 10 glorious colours in this collection including shades of red, a deep black and shades of pink.

There are many more glitter collections which you will find on the website including sugar glitter, vineyard glitter and winter glitter. Happy glittering everyone!

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