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8 Different White Paper Tags Designs

8 Different White Paper Tags Designs

Posted by Olivia Sum on

White tags are needed for most arts and crafts projects such as to create tags for presents, party decorations and name tags. You could even make wedding favour tags with them. Everyone is familiar with the traditional rectangle tag with the triangular lines at the top but there are many more different shaped white paper tags you can get if you want something more creative to work with.


Oval White Paper Tags

The oval white tags certainly have a vintage look to them. You can build on that by adding lace borders, flourish title dividers and perhaps a paper punched texture background. If you are adding your oval tag to a greeting card, why not add a ribbon underneath and pearls on the background for a very elegant looking card perfect for weddings, christenings and pearl anniversaries. Another idea is to layer your tags by adding the oval tag onto a traditional tag and perhaps another clipart piece on top to give a 3D effect.

Rectangle with Curved Edges White Paper Tags

The rectangle white paper tags with curved edges are very similar to the traditional tags but they have more of a softer look to them. If you wanted to make a clean bold statement with you tags, you can leave them as white tags and simply add a large black swirling font to create a bold tag for your gifts. Add to it by wrapping a simple white ribbon for that classic finishing touch.

Circle White Paper Tags

You can create a great effect with the circle white paper tags such as a snowflake tag. To do the snowflake tag for presents, choose a clipart snowflake image and print it out. Next step is to make sure the dimensions of the white tag are just a little bit bigger than the snowflake and print it. Glue on a small piece of craft sponge to the back of the snowflake and once dry glue it onto the circle tag and again, leave to dry. You should now have a 3D looking snowflake tag to add to your gifts for Christmas.

Square White Paper Tags

Square white tags make for great use when creating greeting cards. You can use them to add a window type effect as the background or as a feature. For example, use 6 square white tags and glue them onto the front of the greeting card as 2 columns and 3 rows, making sure you leave a small space between each tag. These should now look like white tiles which you can decorate however you wish. A nice idea is to add ribbons to each tag so they look like little presents.

Heart White Paper Tags

Nothing says love better than heart white paper tags. You can add them to Valentine’s Day presents, wedding presents, wedding favours and even greeting cards. They will look great as a gift tag if you layer the white heart tag onto a red circle tag. It creates a romantic and beautiful gift tag. For a wedding favour tag, you could add white lace, white butterflies and white flowers to one side of it to create a truly stunning tag that your guests will remember.

Traditional White Paper Tags

You simply cannot go wrong with traditional white tags especially at Christmas when traditions are cherished. A real simple but stunning gift tag to make with these traditional shapes is if you add a red bow and ribbon with white polka dots to front of the tag. You can use white wrapping paper and the matching ribbon to wrap around to gift to complete the look. The receiver of the gift will truly believe it was wrapped by one of Santa’s little helpers.

Christmas Tree White Paper Tags

Since we’re on the subject of Christmas, we simply cannot miss this little gem off the list. You can decorate your Christmas tree white paper tags with sequins, buttons or even pearls if you want to be fancy. To make a super cute Christmas tree tag, you can tie a piece of twine into a bow around the stem of the tree and a piece tied through the punch hole for the perfect finishing touch.

Cloud White Paper Tags

These cloud paper tags will be perfect children’s gifts and even birthday cards. You can wrap the gift up in twine and tie it through the tags punch hole into a bow. Print the gift receiver’s name onto the front of the tag in a simple font.

Whatever you are planning to do with your white paper tags, we want to see the end result. Tag us on Twitter @DigitalPaperShop or Facebook. You can buy all the tags mentioned in this blog post on the website.

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