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6 Bestselling Social Media Illustrations for Your Invitations

6 Bestselling Social Media Illustrations for Your Invitations

Posted by Olivia Sum on

We live in an era where social media is a way of life. That means that if you’re planning a wedding or a party, you may want to setup a Facebook page, Twitter page and Instagram page so your family and friends can follow the progress of the party planning. It is great for posting sneak peeks of what to expect and get guests excited. You can add social media icons to your party invitations so invitees will know to follow them. Now comes the fun part… choosing which social media illustrations to add to your invitations.


Watercolour Social Media Illustrations

You can get these social media icons in a beautiful blush pink colour with a watercolour effect. They have romantic soft edges and have depths of colour so to create that watercolour illusion. You can get 15 social media icons in this set including Facebook, BlogSpot, Email, Twitter and more.

Black and White Social Media Illustrations

If you want to stick with more of a simple classic look then you can go for the round black social media illustrations with a white icon. They also have shadowed background so as to stand out a bit more from the page. The set has 15 icons including BlogSpot, Email, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Pastel Colour Social Media Illustrations

These are a very popular choice for many because of the beautiful pastel colours each icon is made with. There is 2 or 3 pastel colours to each icon with a brushed watercolour effect so there are no hard lines. With all the depth in these social media icons, the end result is stunning. There are 4 different colours to choose from and the set includes 15 social media icons including Facebook, Email, Pinterest and Twitter.

Gold Foil Social Media Illustrations

These gold foil social media illustrations really will bring out the wow factor in your invitations. They are round in shape and have a gold colour but with a foil effect to give it depth and shine. There are 9 social media icons available but all the important ones are there including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. These will make a great match if your colour scheme for the wedding or party includes gold.

Grungy Social Media Illustrations

If glitz and glam isn’t really your thing then the grungy social media icons might be more to your liking. They would also look great on Halloween party invites. They are all black and square in shape with a transparent icon. What makes these grungy is the effect that makes it look like the black background is dripping at the bottom. There are 24 icons in the set including Email, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and more.

Watermelon Social Media Illustrations

These social media illustrations are so fun and so cute, invitees will absolutely love them! They are square in shape and have a red background with black seed shape polka dots to give the icons the watermelon background effect. You will get 16 icons in the set including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email and more. They will go down a treat.

We bet you didn’t realise how much fun you could actually have with social media icons did you. They certainly are something that will add something extra to your party invitations instead of plain non-matching icons. All of the social media icons mentioned in this blog post can be found on the website.

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