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Top 6 Bestselling Clipart Vintage Borders

Top 6 Bestselling Clipart Vintage Borders

Posted by Olivia Sum on

It’s time we do a blog post entirely dedicated to clipart vintage borders. Whether it is a scrapbook, part invitations or cards you are making, adding a vintage border will always add a touch of class and elegance. There are many different types of vintage borders from lace to calligraphy and from ornate to art deco.

Here are our bestselling vintage clipart borders for you to choose from.


Lace Clipart Vintage Borders

The lace clipart vintage borders are one of the top picks to create that vintage look for your scrapbook, part invite or card. The digital clip art borders are in fact made form real lace so the affect it has on your scrapbook will look like real lace… amazing! There are different lace designs to choose from, some with thicker and thinner border sizes. Make sure to place them on shadowed backgrounds to really make them stand out.

Paper Punch Clipart Vintage Borders

Paper punch clipart borders take their styling from the paper craft punches but without having to actually do the ‘punching’. You can get different paper punch border designs so there is plenty to choose from with each giving your scrapbook a vintage look and a fun look too. They will make a great addition to Christmas scrapbooks, especially the snowflake design.

Ornate Antique Vintage Clipart Borers

The ornate antique clipart vintage borders are designed to look like old mirror or picture frames. They are powerfully stunning when added to a wedding invitation or to place an old photo of your grandparent in. You can even make elegant cake toppers with these vintage borders. Again, they come in different designs with plenty to choose from. They will look great in a gold, silver or bronze colour to really bring out the vintage theme of your scrapbook, invite or card.

Art Deco Clipart Vintage Borders

The art deco clipart vintage borders can certainly not be mistaken for what era they belong to. If you’re having a 1920’s or Great Gatsby inspired party, these borders will make the ideal addition to your invites. They will also look great in your scrapbook to cherish those moments from the party. In the art deco range you can get corner borders, title borders, classic geometric shapes and unforgettable sunbursts.

Text Dividers Clipart Vintage Borders

If you don’t want a full vintage border but rather something to divide between sections of an invite, for example, the vintage text dividers may be the better option for you. You can recolour the dividers to suit your invites and they come in a range of styles from ribbon style dividers to ornate style dividers. As well as party invites, they will also look very great on party banners as they can easily be resized.

Calligraphy Clipart Vintage Borders

The calligraphy clipart vintage borders will really give your craft a Victorian time feel. With the swirling lines and flowers, elegance will be added to your invites, cards and banners. You can get the calligraphy border designs as a full border, corner borders, text dividers or even signature stamps. They will also work really well on embroidery designs as well cake toppers.

That’s it, the top 6 bestselling vintage clipart borders. You can find all the clipart borders mentioned in this blog post on the website as well as scrapbook paper, clipart labels and more. Happy Crafting!

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