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The Ultimate Gold Border Clipart Ideas Guide

The Ultimate Gold Border Clipart Ideas Guide

Posted by Olivia Sum on

So you want to add a bit of glam or a classic look to your scrapbook, invites or greeting cards. You have made the right choice to go for a gold border; the question is… which gold border are you going to choose? We have listed some of the favourite gold border styles others have chosen for their projects.

Framed Gold Border Clipart

The framed gold border clipart is simple yet still very powerful when added to a scrapbook cover, page, invite or greeting card. You can even use it as a border for a party banner or beautiful sash. They are a bright yellow gold and transparent in the middle so can be used as a border rather than a label as they are often used.

Shiny Metallic Gold Border Clipart

If you’re choosing gold to be a border, you more than likely want to see a bit of shine to it. Luckily enough, there are borders that have the shiny metallic effect that really do look real. You can get the shiny gold borders as a straight line design, as a zigzag design, as a dotted design and even as a triple line design. You’ll be sure to find the perfect shiny border for your craft.

Ornate Gold Border Clipart

The ornate gold border clipart will really add a classic look to your craft project. Why not use it as a photo frame for your scrapbook, as the border for a wedding invitation or as the border for a scrapbook cover or page title. You can either get the full border or corner borders if you want to use it as a full page borer.

Laced Gold Border Clipart

Lace is another border that will give your craft project a classic look but the lace will also give it a delicate and girly look too. Lace borders will look great on a shadowed background as they will truly stand out from the page. If you wanted to go for a Great Gatsby inspired feel, why not go for the black background… the gold borders will truly pop then.

Flourish Gold Border Clipart

The flourish gold clipart border has a very floral feel with swirling lines and soft edges. There will be no hard corners in your borders when using flourish borders. The beautiful jewelled effect border is a real favourite as it looks like a gold necklace… how very glam! You can the gold flourish borders as corners, line dividers, individual floral pieces and more.

Corner Gold Border Clipart

If you want to border your scrapbook page or party invite but don’t want to take up a lot of space, you may be best using the corner gold border clipart instead of the full gold borders. You can either add 4 corners or 2 bold corners in opposite corners to your craft project.

Glitter Gold Border Clipart

Since we’re using gold borders, why not go the whole way and add glitter too. These will look great on party invites and will really get guests excited for what’s to come. You can also get hand drawn doodle gold glitter borders to add to children’s party invites which will look amazing and fun.

There are many more gold clipart borders to choose from on the website as well as other coloured borders. Send us pictures of your finished craft projects by tweeting us @DigitalPaperShop.

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