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Stunning Ways to Use Clipart for Labels to Display Magical Memories

Stunning Ways to Use Clipart for Labels to Display Magical Memories

Posted by Olivia Sum on

Why not add personal touches to your home décor with stunning photo displays. We don’t just mean hanging a few photos up here and there, we’re talking about using your creativeness to make displays that contain photos, clipart, textured papers and keepsakes. By using clipart for labels, you will be able to add short memories to your photo displays… something you cannot do with a simple photo frame.

We have got 6 very beautiful and very charming display ideas to turn your photos into a fun display and a beautiful home decoration.


Types of Clipart For Labels

Before we get started on our display ideas, we want to go through some of the different types of clipart for labels so you have an idea of which might be better suited to which theme and display. Here are some of the favourite clipart for labels:

  1. Clipart Burlap Labels – These are classical and would be great for a display dedicated to your wedding or graduation day.
  2. Clipart Heart Labels – I’m sure you know what heart labels would be good for; when we first met, weddings, new arrivals to the family etc.
  3. Clipart Speech Bubble Labels – These are super fun and will add a touch of humour to your memory displays. You can get very creative with these clipart labels.

Now it’s time to get started on the display ideas and how we will incorporate our clipart for labels into them.

Create a Stunning Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is one of the most favourable methods of displaying a special event or fond memory. You can use textured papers, keepsakes, artwork and photos in your scrapbook to recreate those loving memories. You can add your clipart for labels onto pages to add the date of when the photos were taken or when the event took place. You can also use the labels to write down memories of the day/night or how you felt in that particular picture. A photo can speak a thousand words but words are words and sometimes they add the detail to take you back to that memory years later.

Craft Wire Picture Holders

These are great crafts to build a display and very easy to do too. For example, if you had a beach holiday with your family and got some really great photos that you want to create a display for, use rocks that you have either collected or bought to wrap one end of the craft wire around while the other end will hold the photo. Again you can use clipart labels to recreate feelings and memories by adding dates, thoughts and what happened that day. You might even want to get sunflower shaped clipart labels to give the beach display the sun it needs to shine.

Display Photos in a Box

If vintage or shabby chic is more your style then creating a display in a box or vintage suitcase is a wonderful idea. You can decorate your box with textured paper to stick with the theme and add fabric inside. Another great idea for this display is to create a miniature homemade bunting to hand up your photos on. You can then use pegs to clip your clipart labels to the bunting to give it a really vintage and rustic look. You can great pastel clipart or framed mirror clipart for labels to really add to that vintage vibe of this display.

Create Photo Paperweights

You can buy glass paperweight kits from arts and crafts shops to make these charming little displays. Get a few glass paperweights and gather them either on bookcases, shelves or even on a wall. You can add photos to your paperweights as well as one or two clipart labels to remind you of dates and special memories or quotes that day. Make sure when adding photos to the paperweights, to use the base as a guide and cut the photo just a little bit smaller than the base for a good fit.

Make a Map Memory Board

This is such an amazing display idea for those who love to travel and want to remember their journeys. All you need is a large map that you can pin up to the wall, a bunch of clipart for labels and drawing pins and pin your labels to each location on the map that you have been with a memory and date written on the label. Pin a photo to each location along with the clipart label. At the end of your travels, you will have one amazing display!

Using Clipart for Labels to Create Memory Displays

Clipart for labels are great for scrapbooks, invitations, birthday cards and embroidery but now you know just how creative you can actually be with them when it comes to creating new home décor items.

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