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5 Creative Uses for Textured Scrapbook Paper

5 Creative Uses for Textured Scrapbook Paper

Posted by Olivia Sum on

We all know that textured scrapbook paper can be used to beautifully decorate our scrapbooks, but why stop there! There are amazing textured scrapbook papers available that we believe would have some other great uses. Just picture it now, a classic damask wall art hanging up in the bedroom or a collection of map papers on the wall of your home office. With a little bit of creativity, you can really take full advantage of scrapbook paper.

Scrapbook Paper Place Mats

Instead of paying for new place mats why not cover your existing place mats with textured scrapbook paper. If you wanted to go for a vibrant classic look then go for the Damask Wallpaper Collection which comes in blue, pink, gold, purple and more. If however you wanted a more rustic look for your place mats, then go for the Lime Hues Collection which have a variety of brick printed paper.

Scrapbook Paper Coasters

Since you’re doing your place mats, you might as well do the same to your coasters. Again simply cover your existing coasters with your chosen textured scrapbook paper. As well as the Damask and Brick collection, there is also the Map Collection which will be great for those who love to travel or for those who simply love the detailing of maps. They will really be a talking point around the dinner table when you have guests over.

Scrapbook Paper Table Runner

Table runners can be expensive, especially when they are hardly ever used. To add a touch of brightness to your room while not having to fork out for an expensive table runner, choose one of the fabulous colours from the Pastel Paper Collection. You could bring floral, damask, shabby chic or even a vintage look to your dining table at a very small cost. It can be used for parties when you don’t want your expensive table runner to get ruined or as a permanent center piece.

Scrapbook Paper Wall Art

This is a growing trend because it is so easy and cheap to do. Rather than buying an expensive piece of art at the home store to brighten up your room. Cut a piece of the textured scrapbook paper to the size of a frame you have and place it inside and voilà you have your piece of art. The Newspaper Collection would really make interesting wall art for any room, especially the home office.

Scrapbook Paper Toy Chest

Why not create a bit of family fun and get the kids involved in a home improvement project by decorating their toy chest with scrapbook paper. You could really brighten it up with the wide range of textured scrapbook paper that is available; why not let the kids pick which paper they want to use on the toy chest to make it that bit more fun for them.

Textured Scrapbook Paper

As you can see, there are a lot of creative things you can do with your textured scrapbook paper as well as decorating your memory or photo scrapbooks. You can buy all the papers mentioned in this blog on the website. What are you waiting for, start your project today!

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